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The full quote:
Why Drag Queen Storytime in the first place?

We are a community bookstore that responds to the needs of the community. So we’ve tried out a variety of themes:

Fire & Brimstone Storytime: a man dressed as a preacher read stories about how children are born sinners and if they don’t act right they will be cast into a pit of fire for all of eternity, ruled by a demon with a pitchfork. If you have any feelings of creativity or self expression that might be different than those of your parents or than you see other children expressing, just bury those feelings way, deep down so you don’t burn up in the afterlife. So… that didn’t turn out well. Children burst into tears and we received strongly worded letters from parents about how their kids were having nightmares.

Baby Seals Club Storytime: to call attention to the plight of baby seals. Admittedly, the piñatas might have been a little over the top. This event resulted in MORE tears from children and strongly worded letters from mama seals from the Arctic to the Antarctic.

So that’s when we tried Drag Queen Storytime and to everyone’s surprise, it turns out that children actually respond well to rainbows, glitter, dressing up in costumes, and stories about love, kindness, unity, and acceptance. I mean, who knew? So we did some more of them.

Book Recommendation: Just Add Glitter by Angela Di’Terlizzi



Where was that posting made? I tried the address bookbarblog,com/20, but that isn’t it.

The reason I ask is because that is a direct admission of their intent, which is to indoctrinate children.

That quote admits they are doing it, but the reason given is where they intentionally cloud the issue with a claim of teaching kids to not discriminate.

If they truly wanted to teach kids about discrimination, then why are they doing the teaching dressed as drag queens? Because they are intentionally trying to teach children that the drag queen/gay lifestyle is in their opinion okay.

The adults that are doing the teaching are actually showing they are guilty of discrimination by using the teaching moment to forward their own opinions.

If they were sincere their presentation would be as neutral as possible. The focus SHOULD be about the lesson, not the presenters.

They are guilty of abusing the innocence of children to promote adult subject matter.


You should get it if you just put Denver, Co The Book Bar

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Got it, thank you. I wasn’t getting enough of the address from that screenshot.


Ya, if you read through it, it says alot… Under one paragraph title it says click on thats when I saw The Nefarious workings of Drag Queen Story from Comedy Central, I saw it on the Infowars Platform that Comedy Central is allways making fun of Alex Jones. which They are mocking Alex and Millie Weaver but Its on You Tube from awhile back, so I figured they knew about it.


Only YOU can fix California…

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The White House

10:40 AM - President Trump Meets with Survivors of Religious Persecution - 24:45 Minutes - Published on Jul 17, 2019 on YouTube - In the White House - Right before Trump went to his North Carolina Rally - Trump met with religious represenatives from around the world, pastors, leaders, of different religions; including Paula White, a Holocaust survivor, a lady who escaped ISIS; there were people from Vietnam, China, Pakistan, Africa, etc.

They mentioned South America, Syria, Europe, etc. Many of them were fighting for the attention of Trump. They all wanted to talk about how they needed help. In many cases, governments murdered their family members, etc. In China, they imprison Buddhists, and especially Christians who are persecuted and murdered globally more than other religions, historically and currently. In China, they harvest organs. Individuals should always try to help people.

You should NOT violate the Separation of Church & State.

The U.S. should not really be trying to solve these problems. If America has to choose between this and a worse alternative, then please choose the former and not the latter. It depends on your choices. Jihadism & Sharia violates the Separation of Church & State. We should always push governments to not prohibit religion. Islamic states did that. The Roman Empire required people to be Catholic. Another issue is that of welfare.

Actually, the United States of America should focus on helping Americans first, if anybody at all, as opposed to trying to help the world. We normalize helping the world which then tricks people into accepting the United Nation (U.N.) and their Agenda 2030, that is of globalism, which is why AOC promotes that the world will end in twelve years from 2019. Globalists are trying to create a one world government and a one world religion. So, bringing religions together like this can be dangerous. Looks nice, but it can be dangerous. Helping is good. But we brain wash people towards dependency on government and away from independence of the individuals.


I must agree with that.


Alex talking about this right now. Maybe this is what’s going on? Makes a lot of sense, that’s for sure.

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