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Bust The Trust

2019-06-04 - Tuesday - 11:40 AM PST LMS JA - The Alex Jones Show - 1st Hour - Alex talked about how U.S. government is looking at Google, apparently. On the David Knight Show today, Robert Barnes was talking to David about this as well.

The Alex Jones Show

Post Alex Jones Related Things in this thread.


Roger Stone supposedly to be interviewed.

Wouldn’t be surprised if they can’t get him and arrest him now.


Really Alex? You say you fired Roger, you say you don’t want anymore insiders on your crew, and then you whine about why Roger isn’t back?

What a hypocrite.


The Alex Jones Show needs a clocked agenda. Seriously. This is the only way that Alex is going to actually be focused, cover the topics that need to be covered from the top of the show, have appropriate time for 4th hour hosts, and maybe actually get to callers in a prudent manner.

I’m not saying teleprompter, as I can respect that. But how about a full schedule off screen, and then one monitor in front of him that has the topic for the next x minutes (maybe a timer with it). Fit some off-the-cuff product plugs in the schedule as well, so you’re not constantly complaining about it. You’ve gotten over “skip this break” syndrome, now it’s time to get yourself fully back on the trail.

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Alex is a producer’s worst nightmare.

Script? What script? :sunglasses:


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What the… Censorship Cup? Like that? Is Lord Stanley rolling in his grave?


Alex Jones is trying to turn Owen into a fake intellectual let’s laugh at how financial market makes you smarter, “prove me wrong”



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Alex is such a straight shooter his bullet curves around israel

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Notice he defends Israel just like the other zionists and remember if he speaks bad about israel he can’t talk to his blaze connections anymore

No more edits shame

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Anyone else curious how much Alex paid placeboing for that meme?

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Ha! Poor Carlos calls into every show, never gets to finish.

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If you’re going to whine about how people are taking too long on the phone, how about this for a first step: Quit using call-in commercials for your products and actually record them instead. If I had to guess, at least half the time spent on calls are these off-the-cuff product plugs, and as much as I’m sure people actually use and like them, most of them are doing it just to get on the commercials, like attention whores.


Ha! Light their ass up Jones! GAMETIME!


Chill Force!? Sounds like something Tommy from Parks n Rec would sell! :slight_smile:

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Chill force IW store!

Lol! This needs to be. :slight_smile: