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My sources are classified, sorry. :sunglasses:



:eyes: oh okay, could have just not posted that. Lol lolol

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LOL, and you could have not read it. :male_detective:



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Does your mother know you are up this late?



Shit is out of the bag :poop:

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No worries. Q knows all. His days are numbered.


Infowars Europe

Tommy Robinson & Dan Lyman & Paul Joseph Watson are in Europe.

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Your like a HUNGRY BEAR, consuming every last nugget in your pursuit of TRUTH.

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I watch CBS news cause it’s one thing to be totally brainwashed but to know the truth and still be able to lie with a straight face and such sincerity is a real talent. Ocasional check out the freak show on msnbc or cnn, but it turns my stomach to fast. Pretty much DK Al and the warroom plus Hannity about all I can really stomach any more.

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Faith Goldy is amazing. She is like the Millie Weaver of Canada.

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That’s run in politics, and been arrested from a political debate for an election she was running in.
We in Canada probably see Faith as having a little more notoriety as Faith puts her name out there a lot more than Millie does her own, also from lack of population/notable public figures.
They’re both awesome, great professionalism and full of passion and conviction. It’s no wonder so many look up to either.
glad to see them both on our side.


@TheIsz, so sorry, correction, Millie Weaver is like a baby daughter of Faith Goldy lol.


Spitting image :wink:
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Infowars, Tucker Carlson, the Independent

Every now and then I’ll listen to newsmax, …but depends on which show, it’s hit or miss. Some days Rush is great… some days less so, depends on the topic.


Awesome source thank you for the share BCPEXTRAS
From my home state also.

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If you want something that aggregates news like Drudge report, check out my site. I’m still changing up some of the sources till it’s as good as it can be but anyone has suggestions for good sources to add I’ll look into it. Check it out :point_down:


@Trey060, I bookmarked your website. I found this one story from your Extra Report Site:

Dozens of Trump Supporters Speak Out About Censorship



I know, I haven’t found a replacement yet :sob:

#33 is a great fun satire site with useful content.

They take a new headline and write a tongue in cheek version of it from the mind of a demented hole in the head leftist. It’s a bit brash and droll, but if you are a little down, you’ll get a chuckle at the very least. The comment section is also spot on.