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Amazing today!! :raised_hands: :us:

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Perfect for Post 2000 :ok_hand::us:










Just watched this… very interesting. I will be watching silver prices. I’m expecting hyperinflation someday but not if Trump has a plan. Wouldn’t it be great if we backed our currency with Gold?


Good for Kurt Russell. I have ALLWAYS liked him.


The enemy has already infiltrated all western institutions. McCarthy was right. Communism has worked its false charm on the masses and it is going to be the fight of this century once again. But this time they have enough useful idiots to make a bigger impact.


Not going to happen. The gold is gone. Fort Knox is empty. We will move to social credits to buy groceries and receive services once the great collapse clears most of the population.




Is that supposed to be Béarnaise Sauce?




I did watch this today. Interesting stuff. I sure hope Trump has a plan.


Trump’s plan is the old-money hegemony plan: make Israel greater (while pacifying ignorant Americans with faux MAGA sentiment). As Q says - trust the plan. That’s all we’re going to get with the completely broken system we have. He’s not “America first” as he claims.