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Yeah, I’m trying to change professions from Security guard to something more mechanical, I want to learn Auto repair but all of the automotive classes conflict with my work schedule, so I’m kinda dabbling in Industrial Maintenance, robotics, and CNC/CAD. I’m also building a collection of tools, grinder, welding equipment, drills, dremels, and just acquired a drill press for Christmas. So I’m basically trying to get a manly, good paying, job while learning valuable skills.


That’s great dude I wouldn’t bother with the auto mechanic my buddy is one of them and he hates it. Dirty shitty job for shit pay. PLC programmer is also a really good paying job.


That Trump video is so funny.





Thumb pointing at watch:

The odds against all four time indicators being on “11” are more than 20,000 to 1. Times the odds of the watch model being named “Hijacker”: unfathomable.




Ginger man bad!!!





on Infowars


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on Infowars
BALD Eagle lands on guys Head





That’s pretty cool, love what you did with the kitty there. :sparkling_heart:



There is no medical treatment for what he did, only for him to pray to God and ask for forgiveness. The only treatment he needs is to let the Holy Spirit into his soul and beg that it’s not too late for him.




Amen …“treatment” means him hiding in his huge mansion with big WALLS…
I wonder how many lives he’s hurt?
Cant wait for it ALL to come out in 2019
Thanks @itsLenox