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I’ve been seeing alot of Hollywood past shows with a TON of symbolism!





Right. The Illuminati love showing the masses what they’re going to do. There’s a lot of movies always showing Masonic symbolism. The best movie forecasting 9/11 to me was the Back to the Future Trilogy movies.

The people in the spot light like in Hollywood and the music industry have to give something of their-selves up to be a millionaire. Most become transgendered. You would be amazed how many people have done this in the past 75 years.








I like your drawing of an effective border wall, but I hope the soldiers are armed with paintball guns and not real guns. Now don’t get me wrong, I am a gun owner and am an NRA member, but shooting illegals dead at the border could be a bad thing for the President.

The pit-bulls are a good addition. :us_outlying_islands:


Agree 100%:pray:

Hows the fast going





I think they would maybe STOP, stop trying to break in real fast. There wouldn’t be to many of those instances your referring. And Trump’s arm after the amazing 2 years we’ve had would be quite fine if they took a little off


Sharks with laser beams attached to their head



Now there’s a good meme. It has all the regulars dressed appropriately. :grinning:




They do have paint rounds. Not paint balls, they actually hurt, they move about three times as fast . They would definitely be an improvement from the PEPPER BALLS, they are using. All those do is make you tear up a little and cough like Hillary. I see your worry, but we need to stop self censoring in this fight. The problem has only gotten worse as it fully predicted to if allowed to continue. This video is 21 years old so let’s toast to what the globalists have done to all sovern nation’s