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“YES WE CAN” :joy::thinking:


Yes Sir, I will put the lotion in the basket.


Can you imagine poor Jane if Tarzan came swinging on a vine with pink ribbons in his hair.


My gosh, I hope this guy is going to be okay. I remember Tommy Robinson talking about how Muslims were taking over his neighborhood.


The What In The World is This Game?

This must be some kind of NPC He She Winner of 2018.



I mean to post the second image at first, but for some reason just the link here came up.






LMAO in the most profound way :joy:



This is flat farmland in Eastern Colorado with wind blown/melted patches of snow creating a crazy 3D illusion.



I can almost smell the sulfur!
Creepy, spooky, mysterious & kooky…
Not that I want to impede on someone else’s art, but maybe she should she also have jar of pickles? :joy:


This is the Second time my Boss pulled this
I went immediately to the car wash



That’s beautiful @artsyneva you’re so talented ! Love the horses❤️



Thank you so much, I need to do the Infowars more straight I think. Oh well.