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I wana post all dayserveimage-54%20(1) Oprah’s got the look!


Shame on me, but seen this and thought, look me in the eyes! …


Kevin Spacey in Court


Spacey Assault Victim


My daughter learning to shoot with the same rifle I learned on.


Love this! You’re doing a great job :raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2:


Is that David Hogg???


That’s the kid he put his hands on while Mom was away in the bathroom I believe


"Vaccines are “the answer”



Khazarian mafia. Not true Jews.




I was banned for 30 days again also, It was a pic of an antifa getting curb stomped. the pic was posted at least 2 years ago but they just banned me on Christmas day.


Because the Khazarian mafia protects their own. Everyone else in the world be damned.


Yup! I’m fed up with these #clowns banning me. In March 2018, I posted a picture of #DavidHogg and that was why they banned me…

I also shared a Scripture that a friend shared and they also told me it violated THEIR TOS!

I deleted my account in protest!

Below is both posts…


Khazarian mafia seems to run ALL media.



I plan to delete my Facebook account also, I’m going to notify all of my friends and family that are on Facebook and tell them to switch over to Gab, but I have to wait until the 26th when I can post again. Once I’ve notified everyone I’m deleting that crap.