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It’s a shame that the real Hebrews were likely wiped out. These Khazars are crafty!


Yeah, I can’t post to notify them either.

I have some of my FB friends also in the 3D world who shared what happened but I’m not sure how many of my 1, 112 friends saw the post…

My closest friends who I’ve had for years in the 3D world know what’s up.

Not sure IF I’ll try to reactivate and tell EVERYONE and the delete it for good a few days later!!!


I’m not sure what your trying to imply here… but IF it’s this worn out #Zionist #JewHating stuff…Then I’ll pass!

I HOPE that’s NOT the case!

The Bible tells us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the Jews, of whom Jesus was! He was NOT a white American.

I’m NOT saying that there aren’t some Jewish people who are corrupt etc., but just NOT going to throw all of them in that basket.

Look at #LauraLoomer for example. She is Jewish BUT she’s and AMAZING #Patriot who has stood up to this evil Censorship more times than I can count.

Just wanted to cut off any Jew hating at the pass before this thread turns into something that ALL infowarsarmy members do NOT want it to be!



Not Jews. Khazars. They hide behind the Jewish faith.


Gotta know the deception you’re dealing with.




Either way…IF they are born or convert to Judaism that’s NOT my business. That’s between them & God. Many Christians are jacked up in their thinking and have twisted teaching but that doesn’t mean they dont love God…It just means some of their theology is jacked up!

Its NOT my place to attack and hate them regardless.


But if you’re believing the deception to form an opinion…? Then what? You’re okay with living your life behind a lie? A lie that can easily be recognized if you permit yourself to understand a bit more than “surface history”?

Just saying - don’t take anything at face value.


And you’re okay with funding your own demise?


Not taking the Jew hating bait!

You have a nice day and hug a Jew!


I love Hebrews. The khazars have stolen their identity.


Especially for you:


The cognitive dissonance is strong in you.

You do understand that traditional Jewish theology teaches that the Hebrews will be given their land by God himself, and it will not be created from man’s conflicts and laws? Yes? Ask any Hasidic Jew, or just do a little more digging for yourself. Either way, just research.


When you click random on hooktube :rofl:



#ChuckyDontMeme lol.