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Violent Crimes Against Children
DOJ Project Safe Childhood
Global Incident Map of Human Trafficking


Not sure if calm or wtf intensies:

  1. If I look directly at the image’s center it looks still.
  2. If I control my breathing the image looks still.
  3. If I look at the image wherever and don’t control my breathing, looks like the image goes anywhere from still, to moving slowly, to carousel.


Saw this test on Instagram a couple days ago, still see the carousel. Doesn’t surprise me. Oh well, lol.






Penile chemtrails? Lol




Sol :clapper: (@Solmemes1) Tweeted:
What is it with Democrats trying to hard…


You gotta see this!!!
Craziest Police stop video I’ve ever seen…:gun:


  1. We Must Stop the globalist agenda to flood our borders and take over the USA.
  2. I edited this post and removed any reference to yellow vests.
  3. We can’t trust leftists not to massacre us if we wear a yellow vest, if NY will pass a bill on abortion up to and after birth.



Pelosi and Schumer are a waste of human flesh. There only goal is to keep power and destroy this country.



Chuck & Nancy as dogs


Ill have to get me one.


Exactly!!! :heart::heart::heart: Open dialogue and continue from there!!


I can only say ; Awesome ! :slight_smile: