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Silk screen print I made in 2012 ‘Rider on The White Horse’

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President Trump playing 4D Chess against the Deep State Globalists. Checkmates the Deep State! :us_outlying_islands:


The Pope, (Roman Ceasar) has about as much to do with GOD as a killer whale cooking dinner in your kitchen. The “ROMAN” Catholic Church is Roman Mythraism and it is in plain sight if you have a mind that actually works and eyes that actually see. Their god is Nimrod, their Mary is Semiramis, and their bastard Christ is Tammuz (Jesus). Immanuel is the true Christ as written in scripture. The word Jesus did not exist until about 300 years later. Rome could not control followers of Immanuel so they did what they do so well, they created a twisted religion that claimed to be Christian and killed anyone who remembered the real Immanuel and his teachings. That is how Rome, then and it is still the same today, deceived the whole world into worshiping Nimrod, Semiramis, and Tammuz, without the people knowing what they were really doing. Always remember that a “RELIGION; TO REBIND TO SOMETHING OTHER THAN GOD” is solidly footed in the realm of Satanism and always has been. Use your GOD given mind and you will understand how extremely stupid the mind of any man is.


I understand what your saying, but I don’t think no one is self censoring in our fight to stop illegals from crossing the US Southern border. I saw that video just the other day.

There are Patriots at the border who are arresting illegals and handing them over to Border Patrol Agents.


Yeah because they don’t have day jobs. Kids to feed, taxes to pay, stuff like that. It’s not our governments job to protect this country it’s individuals and rests all on them




I fasted and prayed for 24 hours. Its good to do that, God answers prayers when fasting.Also it cleanses your system of toxins.


Its been going on for a long long time.
This community is about the biggest Anti-Establishment community out there.
Don’t let the establishment brainwash you… or your kids
And Don’t get yourself on one of their list’s
Gang-stalking and satellite microwave technology exists
Like all things, There is no Yin without Yang


They “Had” the gold. It’s probably liquidated by now to fund planned parenthood


It doesn’t just disappear though. Why are the Rothschild’s allowed a bunch of real estate in Antarctica. Seems like a nice place for putting all kinds of assets.


Interesting fact I never heard before. Like to know more…


Look into it bro. We’re not supposed to be here to exchange notes, and to go through any real topic as if this is class. It would take more resources than we have available here. We’re here to organize and go into the 3D. Plenty of rabbit holes, enter at you own desire. It funny i saw someone’s meme pic and it had one of the Wright brothers from way back, Truth be told that was my first rabbit hole and I found soooo much else. Never think I actually got too far down that one before everything else I was finding took me on 100 dozen other interesting rabbit holes.


How do upload vids or post pics on the infowars army

Lost Cat Sign? How about a Lost Hillary sign?





Bill Clinton’s Son