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“Wag The Dog” movie.
I have to watch that again.
Past Hollywood productions seen through RedPill eyes is blowing me away.







I hear they are adding a “P” at the end of LGTBXQP or whatever it is…this world is losing its mind.
Now “Hurting Children” for life…is a “Choice?”


Kabbalywood scumbaggery


I have a theory about this.

Hollywood knows the damn is breaking and alot of “important people” are going to be found out.
I believe they are using comedians to put it out FIRST to cushion the blow of the world Finding Them Out. It seems like a self-preservation tactic …a "lets get ahead of this!
They Know The Hammer of PATRIOTS is Going To Fall. And by Hammer I mean: :facepunch:




Maybe. I don’t know how much manly p. Hall or Albert pike works you’ve read but basically the luciferian pact states that they have to put what they’re doing out. They aren’t allowed to conceal it. So they spin the truth but it’s still out there right in front of everyone’s face


Really, I haven’t looked into that…Thank you, i will.



You’ll find things like this:


Doin a dive:

Thank you.

Know your enemy!



One of the biggest scumbags in history


Thanks so much! Just made a Topic for us all to have a library so everyone is aware…

Thanks again.