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I got my gf a infowars T shirt and we cut it to fit


Poor Hollywood.


80’s hollywood movies tended to promote taboo things like heterosexual relantionships, also with the censoring of the language most 80s movies would have to be altered, assuming the public hasn’t been dumbed down to the point of being overwhelmed by the dialogue’s complexity of syllables.


I see people SAY this A LOT in western civilization, but they’re misinformed. The corrupted society rewards its minions with family supporting jobs that pure and decent parents need (and are denied), by design.

The ‘way’ they’re raising kids isn’t the problem, it’s a SYMPTOM.

The problem is the people least capable of being parents are being preferentially treated to acquire those family supporting jobs instead of patriots. Corrupted academia doesn’t reward based on merit, rather than maintaining the corrupted status quo.

We don’t live in a merit based society (Perhaps we did once, but that’s long gone). That’s the lie the corruption tells We The People to corrupt the society and keep it’s grip. We live in a corruption based society, not merit based.

Ergo, the problem isn’t HOW people raise kids. it’s because the WRONG people are raising kids.



Oh oh oh who’s that kid with the geoengineering cooking with Lots of creamy chemtrails in the center.




Sorry out of likes… that pic right there should wake people up.



What a free ride life must be, to not only be a Felon with approval, but to be paid better than what… 80% of the world for being one too?




It’s on a whole new level with people nowadays :joy:




No more free money from the Government.



It’s like every pop hit since Michael Bolton.

It’s like they have been telling us in plain sight all along, with their #realdeadsongs. :wink: