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The only commercial you were actually unable to fast forward through.

WOW!! What a difference!?


What do you think is going on? BTW that picture you posted of the F-15’s. That was a photo form Trump correct? Do you think it means Feb 15th?




This goat F’er has issues.


Can you see the HAARP frequencies region? Look for the sharp edges and wavy lines.

This will help…





For you @JoeyArnoldVN and @MamaPotato

In case you forgot!



I love Tulips. Germany? Netherlands?




Mic drop.


hahhahaha another good one!



What if the weatherman is a deep state operator. How do we know if the deep state Democratic backed people plan some kind of false flag and then the weatherman says a big tornados coming don’t leave the house, or gonna snow bad stay home. Or go to school no tornadoes coming then an F5 wipes out the school and city?.


Meteorologist are either dumb like many doctors are about vaccines or part of the problem. Local news here have my folks convinced Chemtrails are normal and just condensation. Here he is from San Antonio KSAT 12. You can see jet trails in some of the graphics. Pathetic. Whoops I meant to put this in the other thread. This is a video!!!