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Thank you Neva :blush::sparkling_heart:
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Your welcome, you do really good artwork.


Thank you :blush: I’m starting to think of ideas on some artwork to promote info wars. My years long artist block is finally over! Lol. I’m sure the nascent iodine helped quite a bit with that!


Maybe frame the original then use it for t-shirts.



Just drew and inked this, ready to color!



I’m not digging for likes, it came with the pic. I post it only for two reasons.

  1. It’s the FLOTUS, first time I think I’ve seen a real one. I’m still trying to understand what that is.
  2. The captured pose displays such an inspirational and angelic visage, it captures the spirit of Western society.





That one just about sums it all up.


Maybe you could be the next B. Garrison :slight_smile:


Thank you :blush: That’s such an awesome compliment! I’m finishing it tonight, already started to color it in. Got my creativity back and I’m sure the iodine is to thank for that!


The greatest talent B. Garrison has comes from within, not with out. His talent for drawing is just the medium.
You can do it!


This is what a self sustaining environment looks like. Invaders are only destructive.


I always feel like, somebody’s watching me…


you are a genius



Monty Python Justice