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Trump doing his campaigning to not be elected in 2020. We will never get a wall. Tired of the Bullshit.


And this is the legal status quo in some western countries.


What if you simply axed him to stop?




Must be an older pic?


:notes: "Did u ever know that you’re our hero":loudspeaker:



I bet this would sell tickets.


The climate hoax is fraudulent hysteria. There is no science that proves it, only science that’s sculpted to suggest it. I’ve never had the luxury to believe climate fear-porn. My motivations and beliefs are not for sale.


She is my kind of woman.



She has a brass knuckle for you @JoeyArnoldVN :boom:


Get them up against the wall!!!




Oh why do I find that pic to be so arousing?


Be wary of feel good pastel colours telling you exactly what you want to hear.
I’ve taken a bar tending course, and you know what skill difference between sweeping up and pouring drinks is? Fucking nothing. If you can sweep a broom, you can pour a drink.