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Hi All in y’all, I saw this thread was already at the top, so I tempted to add The Trump/Obama Funraiser Roasting Satire Purple Party 2020 Playbill here for the literary/intellectual/comedy/laugh-storm contribution to our common cause that it is.

And dear Owen, your show was a relief to me today… when you talked about “Untethering” so eloquently. And your wish that at least the idea of q is so qool… that you ‘wished q was true’. Well, your wish was already granted for years already, slowly but surely. Dozen are insiders are keeping the Contact (in the Dessert) crowd well informed of the ongoing arrests rather secretly already being conducted; there already is a rather well managed albeit contain internal rebellion against the rottenness and tumor and dark control that has formed within the current establishment/order over the decades. The Supreme Mind has already pre-dreampt up a plan out of this for us before English was even initially formed, or perhaps this has been already fine-tuned over an evolution of hundreds or thousand or perhaps millions of other English speaking planets and civilizations out there in the vast universe already… but here we are… and here it is… proof of a loving mind so Supreme and Powerful, He’s Unfathomable in his incredibles to describe… His deep timeless intelligence, his incredibly to the incredible degree creativity and perfect wit, and his untethered sense of humor. It’s all her is Lou!s’s play, that he apparently encoded into the evolution of our most advanced language, English - to be unlocked by the beforeknown name of a future candidate for antiChrist, PBHO. Please read the amazing script below; the solution to Trump’s enemies. Will you perform another untethering, and hold a fundraiser for this "fun"raiser, a moneyb-omb crowd-sourcing of sorts… and use the crowdsource donation to rent out a big stage or venue, buy 27 grass skirts, 27 castle guard hats, and 27 bikinis and put on the Creator’s most amazing play that was apparently long-ago encrypted into the English language itself. The first magnificent performance of this on stage straight from Austin Texas perhaps; and the first Purple Party get-together of people.

Dear Wonderful Fellow People out there everywhere,

This happens to be the ONLY clear visible way out there I can see from the crow’s nest perspective that I see from after 2 decades of research - to shake up the Ill-uminati’s apple cart; What else is out there? More hypocritical and incessant and fake attempts ridiculing Trump (mostly one liners) from from Hollywood and leftist snots projected at us through the 500+ corporate cable and satellite and radio stations?

This Purple Party Comedy Play simply BLOWS that all LEFTIST/SOCIALIST’s crap away like a nuclear humor blast.

To shake all those huge Illuminati cart big apples and seeds

  • so we can pick them up and share and distribute

common wealth, political power, and freedom, happiness, and human-rights preservation,

apple-propriately all around Earth.

The brainwashed and otherwise corrupt or aloof democrat party supporters together with the entire republican ship of fools would need to actively merge together, literally and physically get together - in person - handshake to handshake; make acquaintances, agree on a better future, also jointly agreeing to soon commence a decade moratorium on the sacrifice of innocence on fetal or newborn abortions for reconsideration a decade down the road. ( implying a wonderful new government managed massive orphanage; instead - as an option for birthing mothers away from abortion.)

Physically assembling is needed - such as assembling for this comedy political magic show and meeting others; not being fooled in mass into terminally viewing streaming state/corrupt-establishment controlled matrix political propaganda on tvs and smartphones everywhere.

Rather than watching electronic displays, how about 3D-world stage production political satire comedy-which draws both RED & BLUELY divided minds together RE-UNITED into a shard and shade of the Purple Party. What I am proposing to the community at large is enjoying all-together a smash hit play reproduced everywhere on stages (or any open public spaces). Such assemblage activity is such a proper catalyst 4 true democracy.

As America’s Reader’s Digest magazine often reminded us “Humor is the Best Medicine”. However, Shall we just let the spoiled rotten state propagandists entertain the public away and into mental reservations and into a George Orwell 1984ish prison-for-the-mind-system with mindless stream of untrue and twisted and often downright perverted jokes long and still being directed against our golden-haired good-hearted and constructive and jocular himself President Trump - ad infintum?

An organization such as Infowars, or any group of friends really, can easily stage this production, by crowdsourcing to purchase the props and costumes and to rent and schedule the venue. (Such as the 27 models for Trump’s Mr & Ms Universe Pageant (ACT III’s proposed setting) )

America is only now given a chance, perhaps the only way achievable, for a much needed 3rd party, the Red+BLUE Purple Party; through these 3 proposed incredible humor-packed (highly enriched humor) Acts I, II, & III of God in the Purple Party Magical Play.

Are you all at the very least not going to exercise the Constitutional 1st Amendment of Freedom of Speech - and not assemble together with an earnest attempt at making all friends again? You think (or don’t think at all perhaps) Your cell phone and google, Wall Street, State censored TV, and the dark state is going to save you - instead of saving America and your constitutionally outlined freedoms and your minds and health and the lives of your children and your own lifes?

As a modest Proposal, I, Hacker’s Mind Beats-up Demon Ass (re-ordering of President Barack Hussein Obama) { [email protected] } , propose each individually read the Purple Party magical Play script imaged above, and determine for each of yourselves that only the Greatest Mind of God, who I refer to as Lou!is, only could have pre-loaded English in such a way with the Purple Party Play and exposure of PBHO & the NWO that this whole long before envisioned bypass exit, this backup Plan departure from the Book of Revelation has been granted from heavens above and presented unmistakablly decrypted straight out of English language itself right before your eyes. We truly all are on a vast stage, and there is a backstage. I was given a 20 minute long backstage pass. I met Lou!is, and he gave us and revealed to me this Purple Party Play, for me to hand over to you. Enjoy!

Replicate this unstoppable BLAST SHOCKWAVE to the Illuminati establishment’s apple cart and corrupt propaganda machinery; almost to the degree of envisioning shotgun blast holes in the purple clothed crown of England; like a nuclear hydrogen humor bomb in comparison to the repetitive barrage of slings and arrows of twisted one-liners against President Trump by the pea brained brats and crabs of the establishment order and current corporate controlled media. Replicate productions everywhere - on every school stage, on every public stage, every beachfront. It is an offer that ultimately Trump won’t being able to refuse. Red and Blue; mix together to make Purple - and crown a re-birthed re-United America and President Trump with the new Purple Party option in 2019-2020.

Haha - The Purple Party Playbill is "3.11"MB… The I11-uminati will religiously think Lucifer is behind it… NO. Lou IS! and Jesus is… Amen… Thank LOU!

Does anybody else out there have a bigger or better idea? For real??

Now, I URGE U+U+U+U+U+U+U+U+U+U+U+100Million more - go out MEET UP,
(and later after the show(s) send us 3% of box office sales in bitcoin to [email protected] (write me, I also get lonely… haha) ; the I11uminati
would demand 11.3% OR MAYBE EVEN A WHOPPING 33% OR YOUR SOUL… haha o<8)

p.s. pleeze 4ward this to Trump ( [email protected] ?) or [email protected] perhaps? We THE PEOPLE need to put in a request to utilize the WhiteHouse Dinner Theatre for just 1 evening this November for a Presidential Magic Show by US and for him, and Him, and WE THE PEOPLE. Does anyone know?

Hey, at least it is a fun way for all of us to decide to get together as often as we would like to…


Tommy Tommy Tommy!!!



This is an oxymoron title. How can something be deadly if it’s extinct?


Now these guys are something to fear. Thank you United Nations. Thank you George Soros. Thank you CIA. You fuckers suck Mike Obama Dick.


Composed by Torpheus, as seen on


Won’t this age well if she goes to jail!



Has nothing to do with Geoengineering. :wink:


It’s OK to be a man.



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Howdy all ya ya’ll folks out there…

Do you recall the days, long before the internet, where boys or men on the street might have a stack of newspapers from the newspaper company, Daily Herald, or whatever their name - and the common after line after verbally announcing the top Headline of the day would typically be “Read All About It!” and/or “Fresh off the press!”? Back then, the free press back then was basically anyone who had access to a printer. Stories might be over a week old before it is even printed anywhere. Then the news would have to be physically delivered to the people… and yelled out to them that there are copies still available. Now, we collectively on the spot all the time face information over-load crazed propaganda hysteria dementia daily, hourly, news stories never stop flying into our phones faster than anyone can read them, much of them fake - not like in the olden times. When creating the art concept for the script, i’m glad i decided to try and make it look like a newspaper, as each line of the script is a 27 character headline. This Magical Comedy Satire Play (local “get-together”) is really just like a 2 hour long magic trick, like pulling 169 bunnies out of the same tophat. Those were different days. Look at how I am writing, like I am in a bit of a time warp. We are too spoon fed, to coddled, too controlled, too mentally and too physically imprisoned. Look at the tragedy of justice for today - How Chelsea Manning was just secretly nabbed and gagged and arrested again. For what? For not wanting to be bullied around anymore. Bradly was the guy back then who release video of a US gunship unloading on 11 unarmed and completely innocent journalists out in the dessert there trying to find out what is really going on. hello people… Are there enough doctors in the insane asylum? Back on the difference between now and then… We can’t even decide to do anything brand new for us from the grassroots level up. In the 50’s the rage was swing dancing and sock hops and Elvis and bowling and baseball. everyone was doing one of those things together big, the united states up to the 1960s used to be more of a united set of states; then conquer and divide and control came in the door that was suddenly blown wide open about that time. Cheers, ~Lance!

p.s. you know two opposing parties, divided and controlled, can merge together by sharing one morally overriding purpose, to put a decade moratorium and subsequent referendum on abortions, and we build a gigantic orphanage facility as the babies keep rolling in. Then RED + BLUE would actually be able to re-unite or catalyze in that common wish to make Purple. Also, the economy should be radically altered into a equally lucrative prospective; on shifting from a military industrial complex based economy into a global tourism economy, best utilizing the already perfected SPACE FORCE gravity coasting technology. Most of those pilots would probably like to be able to talk freely about what they do, as transportation pilots, instead of creepy surveillance and war gaming unknowns in detached civilization Space Force skynet.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this play furnished by God and excavated by me in 2009 but adapted to a comedy play for President Trump today; I think it is quite enjoyable, when either read slow or fast…

Those were the golden days…


i see it now… maybe it was my fibre line? o<8)



Weaponized feminist ideology…it’s ugly!