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Be REASONABLE! It’s NOT just nasty… it’s also disgusting, revolting, repugnant, nauseating, repugnant, insane, detestable, demoralizing, etc…



@TheIsz I was just explaining that to someone in my family 10 minutes ago :raised_hands: :+1: :us:


Once upon a time evil was too afraid to walk unveiled, today evil walks the earth and operates in plain sight.


Exactly what we were just talking about. Fear of God…is Gone.
End times maybe, hopefully?


For them, they’ve chosen a path of self extermination. Some people are so conditioned they can’t even comprehend outside of it. It’s worse than a foreign language because a foreign language you can’t understand. Truth tells you want you don’t want to hear.


I tell you what. By chance my Grand Kids turn into SJW trolls… end it now before I am completely crushed.

In saying that I trained my daughter well. She is far from a SJW. I have hope.



Demon Cathedral

Denver, CO




Memetic Warfare




With my new Twitter account the White House posted something about the fake charges they are trying to apply to President Trump, I replied, “White House let us know when we should head to Washington D.C. with our pitchforks in hand”.


Where was I yesterday to take this nice Chemtrail picture?

Like Owen said on the War Room Wednesday, they were spraying hard. They sprayed till the entire sky was white.


When Alexa gets more rights than a living soul, this won’t be far behind