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Agreed on the phone number why I resisted. I wanted to show Tim Pool support and since my number and address is pretty much public, I just don’t care. I am a targeted individual. One day they will come for me. Going to be FUN!!!


A recent message from


They are just being discreet not to call up Infowars/etc. yet…


This is really amazing to me, and humbling and a lot of other things as well. Each star represents a life lost in the Civil War.

It’s a proof for someone else’s incredible work.

(No banding) :clap::clap::clap:




So funny, as this statement is so true…



simply because BG was a groomed puppet poster boy for IBM and the establishment



9-10-2011 NOTHING TO SEE HERE!!! or over here.


evil running amok in plain sight.


And we are still debating about 911. I see no hope in exposing the truth but sorry NSA, FBI and CIA… I will not stop trying.


The truth is already exposed. that is why they campaign 24/7 to control the narrative.
This is why they don’t engage in uncontrolled debates. Physics alone proves the treason, regardless of anything else.
Commissions lie. People lie, Feelings cloud judgement especially when done so malicious on purpose to the exact science as has only been honed up to this point in human history.

What NEVER lies? Physics. Physics bend for no one.


My OSI retired dad and I still debate about it. He can’t see the truth or he won’t… either or.


Cost of freewill. No one holds more responsibility to it that each individual.
Denying irrefutable evidence is running from personal accountability.
Not to be mean, but it’s reality. I say it to my own family and ‘friends’.
Running from the truth is willful enslavement.





That protein bar has her hypnotized.


Does it get more dramatic?