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Old now and no VETO


Imagine that. Only day in history ever for 3 building to fall from a fire yet so many fools can’t see it. Shame on them. And them passports. hahahahaa too damn funny.


Thanks for this list…


To be fair if that is real one of our people could end up with a trespassing charge for yelling at bill Clinton or something




That’s great @Thelsz, thank you.
For me that is usually the approach I try to take,
my concern is for non-believers who have put to much emphasis on Q. You’re exactly right. Well said.
I guess I just wish non-believers researched Christ as much as Qanon.
I pray also the information is truth how amazing would that be.


You all know I think Trump is the best President in my lifetime…but this is?
…is it a nothing burger :hamburger::fries:



Yes, it’s a nothing burger.
When you’re a hammer, everything is a nail.


Twitter would not allow Reply
Going to her tl, did not see this tweet
Made a Screenshot and image of her DELETED Retweet
Set this as a Meme against ObamaCare. Then I realized Cantwell was just at White House. Normally if deleted I would let it go, but this is how Dems fight dirty. Sucker punches. Cheap shots!

She was at the Signing while say crap about our President
Yeah, happens daily, but not like this
It was posted 23 mins before and deleted

Replying to @ SenatorCantwell
If that is the case ObamaCare
must of been a bad case of diarrhea
voted in overnight with no reading


At same time this Dem from WA was having her Bill signed
She deleted the Retweet within 23 mins

Anything to this beyond typical Backstabbing



I thought this was needed




Is that real? you got to start adding to you post when shit is real and when its not


You know, if they donated half a milly to get their kid I do not inherently see the problem, sounds like free market to me, (even tho the current education system is the exact opposite of a free market and is the reason its so fucked on every level)



I dont get it what are we looking at?


It’s the water tower in Tulia, TX. Nice town. One of the best I’ve been to in Texas this winter.