Post pics of Infowars store swag here


I got my #CLOWNWORLD shirt on Wednesday. I didn’t order the other Betsy Ross shirt…I love but am trying keep a reign on $$$.


I love the X2! I want to try the fish oil too, that’s going on my next order. Tried the Turbo Force recently and I am hooked!


I want to get the Don’t Tread on Me shirt with the Betsy Ross flag, that one is a beauty! :heart_eyes:


Infowars army Houston…!!!


I don’t get it, none of these photos have anything to do with IWS gear? Are you purposely trying to troll the thread?



Your posts on this thread are off topic, this thread is for posting about info wars store purchases. Post a Meme, Image, or Video would be a more appropriate thread for what your posting.


@Minutemen-Of-America thanks for the reply, yes I’ve seen everyone of these videos and posts on every other thread on this board, but, you still didn’t answer my question. I guess we both know the answer, and while I appreciate your passion for thoroughly and repeatedly explaining the issues you have with Owen, or whoever the fuck else, within the infowars community, I would ask you try to understand how your posts impact all the other users.

This is based solely on my opinion as I see it, so I don’t know how any one feels on the matter, plus both you and I probably don’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks, but I’ll share it anyway. If you think mass posting all over this board or roasting the people you believe wronged you in any way are going to sway the following of the users on this board, you are probably mistaken.

I’ve followed Alex for over 15 years, following all of his countless rants and sometimes extreme views on things, and have grown to love what infowars stands for, even if the topics they present aren’t always 100% factual or publicly acceptable, it has brought us all to where we are today.

I don’t agree with the whole just block/ignore you thing because even if I do, and you continue to mass post, it will still affect all of the other existing and new users.

So, the only question you need to ask yourself is this. Do you really think your mass posting of whatever it is, that is not contributing to the community, is going to deter us from following InfoWars? Because I know I’m not going anywhere… it’s not gonna deter me from continuing to follow the cause, and it’s not gonna deter me from trying to contribute and continue to spread awareness.

I joined this community for a reason, to create camaraderie amongst like minded individuals and create awareness around the things that affect us most. You know how ideals are won… it is won thru the spread of a belief and a word so strong that no matter what goes on, people will still try to rally around it.

While I 100% respect and appreciate your sharing your feelings are spreading awareness about the issues that have plagued you and your group, ya gotta remember this is bigger than you, and while I don’t mind if you are going to continue to post away on every thread, on every forum, I would hate to see you spend all that time and energy toward something that if you come to realize, InfoWars stands for something bigger, which many more people will more strongly believe in, and continue to rally around, no matter what you may think. I may be wrong, but I’m at least speaking for myself, it’s not gonna deter me.

I didn’t hire @OwenShroyer… I can’t fire him. I ultimately stand behind the decision maker Alex Jones makes because he obviously runs this shit and know what’s best for his media company and his brand. That’s the verdict. If you don’t like the verdict, appeal directly to the chief that handles that decision. I see your guys’ passion for all the things you take up and discuss on the board, all that matters now is… is it constructive?

I hope you receive this message with ZERO bad intent, if you respectfully disagree with me, it’s totally cool, but I would hate for other newbies and returning users to walk into these messes and place you on the wrong side of understanding, based on the relentless amount of posts they would consider spam.


Yes, I agree I do see that Alex and David and even Paul are WAY MORE prepared for their shows than Owen is. They are WAY more experienced on the platform, have WAY more knowledge and insight on the issues, and having walked the earth and seen much more than Owen has, are well more knowledgable on every topic. It’s clear the lack of Roger Stone’s assistance with delivering the show has greatly impacted the quality of the delivery of news across War Room, Owen is probably over his head with responsibility and hey, I’m guessing he’s doing the best he can. You are right, it is a huge responsibility.

I don’t believe Alex Jones will retire in 5 years, he is young AF and will probably fight as long as he can! I do see InfoWars growing in the years to come, and hey we never know who will come along next to help grow the InfoWars torch!

With that being said, thank you for taking the time to reply and hearing me out. I have been watching Owen believer his message on the issues, and have been noticing inconsistencies with stances on responsibilities and his actions taken out on the field. Apparently, Jones feels strongly about Owen’s position and has continued to support and believe in him, so I will keep my support on, while still being mindful of where InfoWars, and more importantly @OwenShroyer takes us.

Time will tell, stay strong brotha and just keep doing what you do. Just, if you can, try to keep the threads concentrated on the issues and how best to tackle them, and build awareness on them.


Wow! I didn’t see this! Welp… LOL!


I always thought that Alex Jones was gonna pull some kinda “Man in the High Castle” type shit. Continuing to work his contacts behind the scenes and continue to release top secret information onto the network across his retirement, remotely from some undisclosed location, with info provided by his high ups connections, continuing to overthrow the globalists.

It would be so much more fun.



Out there spreading the word about Infowars with @Johnboy and @Texas_T

What is it they say about our rights? If you don’t use them you’ll lose them? Well we got out there to exercise our freedom of speech! :grin::metal::us:

Thanks to @Leviticus for the awesome infowars banner! :sparkling_heart:


Found this limited edition infowars Cnn Terrorist shirt that’s been sold out for a few years on ebay the other day and had to order it. Awesome deal to.
Plus more of my favorite turbo force & survival shield x2.

I love these products so much I literally use them everyday.


I wonder if we can get people to post there newest product orders again.

If you’ve recently ordered anything from the infowars store please post it up to share…!! Would love to see it…

#turboforce & orange juice baby…!!!


20 chacarachters


WOOOOOOOO. I’m addicted – I don’t know who I would be without my Infowarslife supplements! Probably a liberal. Anything you try from IW store will be a game-changer.


Ooooh! You bought the chill force! How is it? I love this pic btw. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Thanks, I love it… It will make you relaxed and level-headed. Really good for waiting tables on a busy night or painting during free time, etc. :sunglasses::ok_hand:I no longer have to worry about being spastic/high strung from stacking other supplements hahaha! Chill force will be awesome for working out too. Gets you focused and in the zone.


Awesome! Definitely have to try it out for myself.