Post pics of your Infowars Store Swag & Supplements


Holy food hord. You def won’t be starving


Then Mike Adams on Infowars counter think this sunday was talking about how your car will likely be out of order in an EMP attack. I guess I will need to work on breaking my brother’s horse next.

I have a 3 years supply of Infowars Select storable food including a mega protein pack and fruit veggie and snack pack for each month. I have declared Liberty. I belong to Jesus Christ. I will always be self reliant so I can be free to do God’s will! Jesus is the way, the truth, and the light! :sunny:

Anyone have the custom Infowars Ar-15 uppers?

Infowars Store American flag and Hillary for Prison sticker on the drum!


Here is my ugly mug LOL! Nice shirt thanks Alex.



Need to get some Infowars stickers on your chair. There small enough you could fit a few on their.


Yeah I have a set that came with my order. I’m afraid though some liberal loon might flip me out of my chair or punch me. Maybe it would be worth it if someone videotaped me getting punched LOL to further the cause.



That would be extremely messed up if some lefty did that however it would not surprise me one bit. The amount of violence from the left has no limits of late.


HDR filter… :+1:


HDR b/w filter awesomeness :+1::+1:


You think they couldn’t go any lower and then you will see a video of the old veteran in a wheelchair having water dumped on him by Antifa. Or was it black bloc? They all seem to be the same.


Yeah I rem that one, where he’s like “I’m not anti American I’m a patriot”.

They play it sometimes on the commercials during the show.


I like how you decked-out your desktop, but your fridge is the tits! …I’m a fellow Kansan, from Lawrence.


A “throwback” InfoWars sticker?!? …Spotted it on a street light pole in Kansas City, MO.



The custom Infowars logo lower. Nice.!


This was my stash from a couple months back :+1:

More I could add but not sure how I could cram it all in one pic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Show off…


My current stash… And I just placed a new order for products from


Some of my gear, including a hand made shirt that I made for the failed launch of the ObamaCare web site in 2013.
Thank you Kathleen Sabelius (former Gov. in my home state of Kansas)!