Post pics of your Infowars Store Swag & Supplements



Can’t live without my X2 and super female!!


I just got super female vitality and I love it!!!


Sorry I forgot about this last week. Not as good as the ones in the IW Store. But they’re close enough I’d say.


On a side note has anyone received a mystery shirt? So far for me it’s been nothing but the WAAAJ/DCM shirts from the start of the sale. Not complaining of course. Can’t complain about free shirts.


That would look good with the F*** globalists yellow vest! We are the ants! The constitutional republic will be restored. :sunny:


Yeah today I got my order and it was supposed to be the mystery shirt but it was the same we are Alex Jones. I was bumming to, I didn’t want 3 of the same shirts.
Have another order coming tomorrow, it BETTER BE a mystery shirt


You should give them away for Christmas. Spreads the word, my friend!

Love the bumper stickers. That will change some minds and hearts!


Bad ass man!!!Goals right there lol


Every order on check out seems to be the we are Alex Jones shirt…Anybody get any other mystery shirts besides that??


I was supposed to get a mystery shirt with my order today but it was the same We Are Alex Jones shirt I just got last week. I’m bumming but not complaining


Same here,got 2 now…went to go order today and in my cart was another we are Alex Jones shirt lol


What pissed me off is I was told I’d get a mystery shirt & got the same one. That’s not like Infowars to lie like that, if you say on the website that we’re getting a different mystery shirt then THAT’S WHAT IT SHOULD BE. Not the same shirt that I was told there were no more of.


OMG, that gives me an idea. You know the yellow police tape (DO NOT CROSS…). The Store should sell an InfoWars style yellow tape. Could say, “THE ANSWER TO 1984 IS 1776 INFOWARS.COM” or one of the many phrases they have. & an InfoWars duct tape be great too. Just have it be a roll of that sticker you used for the mask. That’d work great for taping up signs.


I had an order every day of the sale. Sole intention of a couple for myself and the rest being Christmas gifts. Had to email customer service because I had a problem with the shirt leaving the cart when I signed in to pay. They took care of me but I’m still not seeing any Mystery Shirts either. Hopefully later this week some will pop up. Got XLs for my Dad.


Here’s what I have on hand now, except for the numerous Infowars bumper stickers and pocket constitutions.


Love the hat!! Is that still available?


I haven’t looked lately but I think it’s still there.


No, on my last 2 orders it said Christmas Mystery Shirt but they were both the "We are all Alex Jones Don’t censor me” ones. Mine were anyways! Shoot I think I got like 5 of them total now. Lol!


I want one, did they sell out of that one yet?