Post pics of your Infowars Store Swag & Supplements


IW-FEMA-9 the hat is available, just placed an order. Thanks!!


Lol, I have only one of those stickers on my work bench in my garage. And I thought putting more than one sticker on my clipboard was overkill lol. I have lots of stickers still from my orders at the store. I did hand some out to a couple of skateboard kids who wanted them on their boards when I worked as a school safety officer.


got mine!


I have the blue version of that toothbrush & I love it.

I won’t ever use another toothbrush or toothpaste again.


I have the Supersilver wound gel as well it’s in my gym bag.


The Super Blue Toothpaste old style logo. Nice

Wonder if it ever goes bad, probably not.


Dont have a picture of it yet, but I bought Lets Play Doctor just barely and it looks really good!


I’m disappointed she’s not being investigated for lying under oath. I think all the accusers need to be investigated, set an example for any women thinking of ruining men’s lives with false accusations.


True that. Just remember: In this world- everybody gets theirs. Might not be today or next month, but karma knows no prejudice.


Time to start trading shirts HandyRandy…I have two myself, three orders inbound…might snag another Alexapure Breeze. Put one next to my son’s bed as he seems to be more susceptible to the funk in the air than the rest of us and after two nights, no more wheezing, runny nose, etc…matter of fact, off to order now…everyone should go get one if you have been thinking about it.


Pic of my man and I, this is his 2nd infowars shirt & my 6th (I think :blush:). We both have the hexagon logo too!


I think I like the G.I.JOE style shirt the best!


stuff works bottom line! there is some dip too!



That needs to be on a shirt and hoodie, immediately.


There’s a guy on eBay that sells 'em. 200 for $20 I think it is. He includes free bonus material too. Nice guy…


Alex needs to bring back the infowars stencil. Still got mine , got it back in 2011.


Infowars store has amazing products! Just ordered my third batch and my wife and I are very impressed with them. Just got in my hexagon logo hoodie and my we are all Alex Jones t-shirt!


Ever since I moved I lost half my products, t shirts, movies, my come and take it flag. All that.


Nice. You could add “forbidden information” under it.