Post pics of your Infowars Store Swag & Supplements


I thought the theory behind this was that the iodine is better absorbed. Most innovations made on infowars supplements have been positive, I have to say I like my X-2 think I might stock up just in case I’m not a big X-3 fan once I try it.


LMAO, introducing infowars new long cut :rofl:


If you put the flag in the dryer with a wet towel for like 30 mins unless you have a steam setting on your dryer it’ll take the creases right out.



Mom bought me this for Christmas, 2018. It just came in the mail, today.




I got my Road Warrior pack today!


I’m officially on day 2 of ultimate Bone Broth. I am in ultra conservative mode, only mixing 1 heaping table spoon in my, Wake up America Coffee. It bows conventional Toxic creamers out of the Water.




going to find a place to put this along the Blvd.



When you are on day one of the survival shield x-2 and you already feel healthy as fuck





Put that free shirt back on…! Lol


Never! I’m now at the peak of health!


@Mischief_With_Griff, The New Alex Jones Shirt - Bare Chest Color. Remember the videos of Alex with no shirt on. When we take off our shirt, it is like we are Alex Jonesing the world.


I do feel better now that I have been taking it. I took that photo in September


Keep shopping as your country is being stolen, goyim! Nice job.


@proudinfidel inspired