Post pics of your Infowars Store Swag & Supplements


Got my mask today. Whoop whoop.!!


I’m waiting on the new products to use all my Patriot Points!!



couldn’t reach it all the way.


Dollar tree, bumper sticker.




I have that old stencil somewhere they used to sell, thanks for reminding me :laughing:


Wow, I want a stencil, I guess I could try to make my own? Lots of places here I could put it.


Still up after four days.
I’m ordering more bumper stickers today so I’m going to put more all the way down the line.


Still up after four days.


Bumper sticker at Walgreens.


Old vid of our “Operation Paul Revere” contest entry. Kinda chezzy lol but we gave it our best shot. Check it out. I’m the guy in the Tyranny Response Team shirt. My car has stenciled on it.


My number is 956-389-1109 fyi. Just message me brother.


956-398-1109 sorry i typed it wrong!


@artsyneva were on the same page.


I ordered more bumper stickers yesterday. I want to get a much covered as I can on these couple blocks, along the boulevard, then work outward.


Lol awesome. Yeah I placed a order last week for just stickers alone. I take this war of stickers seriously. Lol

Makes my daily life interesting. Ha

I will prevail…!


“Operation Midnight Super Glue” was successful.

Effin hall monitors are gonna need a scraper now.!

Eat it suckas…!


You get you stickers in yet?

I went out last night & tagged like 6 spots but the glue I have sucks.

It’s not actual super glue. Need to pick up the real thing cause there already down today.

Not giving up yet.