Post pics of your Infowars Store Swag & Supplements


I’ve gotten a some products off of the store. Not sure where everything is, and it’d take me a while to get pictures.


I didn’t get them yet, ya ill have to get some good super glue. Are you guys going to live stream on Saturday?.


I believe so. @GreggHuestis67 said he’s gonna set up to film & stream it for us.

I don’t know which platform he plans on using either. He should probably post links to his accounts or the live feed on here so people know where to watch it.

Owens going so he’ll probably be streaming it to.


I’ve thought about live streaming on Periscope but I’m thinking about just recording the event and posting it to YouTube or Brighteon letter Saturday and of course share the link.

I want to make sure that they don’t cut the feed and ban me and we lose the video! I NEVER have gone live on Periscope and I’m not sure if the video will be preserved on my phone?


Looks like an alternative to the Speedball


I got colloidal silver for a free gift


Nice. Yeah I got two bottles with my orders


I got some super glue today it says wood, metal etc.


Love that Silver Bullet! Bought extra bottles on my last order just to put in my gtfo bag.


Ya I just took some and rubbed some on my knee, because today my knee was acting weird and then I could barely walk on it when I got home so I experimented rubbed a bunch on my knee and that was about a hour ago and the pain went away and I’m walking normal.


That’s really awesome! All of his supplements are great! I’ve suffered with debilitating migraines since I was very young and I used to get them about 4 times a week. Since I started taking the iodine and the B12 my migraines have decreased to once a month! Talk about a lifesaver!


Shit I was at the dollar store today getting Gatorade & forgot Super glue.

Only one sticker left from the other nights operation midnight super glue


I take iodine and B-12 also, the iodine is helping my memory.
That’s awesome that its helped your headaches.
Ya my knee pain is still gone.


I have noticed that the iodine has been helping me with my memory, as well as unclouding my thoughts which has been really nice!


I got this at Wal-Mart for $2 it says now triple resistant temperature water shock.


Go for “Operation Midnight Super Glue” round two tonight.!

I’m getting pumped up for Saturday. @mr_president2028 is riding with Thomas & I now to. Three of us driving from Houston.

Whoop whoop.!!! :fireworks::sparkler:


an op you say tell me more @Johnboy cuz I have a bit of glue


That sounds like so much fun. Get lots of pictures an videos.


This thing @artsyneva & I have been taking about & doing.

Our stickers keep getting taken down as we put them up so we decided super glue with the stickers so they can’t peal them off so easy. Lol

Hence “operation midnight super glue” I coined the other night


LOVE IT!! its a great idea