Post pics of your Infowars Store Swag & Supplements


I got that Brown cardboard in that plastic bag at the dollar tree for a dollar. Then the shiny poster paper for a dollar. So I put the poster in the plastic bag for protection.
Its about 16 x 20 inches.



Google evil


When did they add the cities above & below the exclamation? Could swear I have that shirt without the cities. Gonna have to look now to kill curiosity.




Ya It seems to make me smarter, I can retain things better.


Is that a Massashi Sword, I have a real one.


So is that. 4096 layers



Where and how much??


That is acopy of the poster Iwars was sued about .
I don’t think they have them anymore


Re: the poster… I bought one last year and framed it, added some fake blonde hair to Trump, and signed it
“Get well soon DJ Trump”
And gave it to my Lefty sister in-law whose a state rep here in Michigan
It was funny as she dragged it out of the Christmas party
I refuse to do any family functions if she is involved


I got a cool catalog with my order.


What is your plan for cooking that stuff if the power goes out? Not taking a shot im asking? IDK how im going to cook mine without my amazing PRESSURE COOKER to wipe shit up right quick


Cast Iron skillet with a lid on one of the Eco-Zoom stick powered cookers I bought at the Infowars store. They’re no longer available on their store.




Defendr Level IV Rifle threat body armor isn’t on the store anymore either.

Infowars Gadsen flag t-shirt and American flag


I want one of those little cookers. Nice.!


They’re pretty cool. You have to stay with it to keep it going though. It does a great job even in the wind!


Thanks for the post. Good video