Post pics of your Infowars Store Swag & Supplements


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The mosquito spray works really good to folks. 75% off right now. Well worth it!


I wear many hats; painter is just one of em.


No must mosquitos or fleas here in Denver that’s one good thing I can say about Denver. When I lived in Florida Could not go outside at night without getting bitten by mosquitos


Lived outside of Denver for years. The humidity gets worse and worse every year with all the development going on.
Either way if you know any outdoor lovers they will really appreciate that b away spray, and ya can’t beat it for only 5 bucks as a gift! It lasts quite a bit longer than I had imagined it would of, I was quite satisfied with it so was the wifey and pups


I may have to order some for my little Jack Russell Terrier being down south of Houston we deal with tons of mosquito’s & fleas. Our mosquito’s are like mini wasps here by the bay area. I’m about 30 mins from Galveston


The Superblue line is straight :fire::fire::fire::100: Let me know how that Alpha Power works though.


1776 stickers on my tools so ppl know exactly who they belong to.


Do the same to my tools.


If you take one alpha power, it gets you going. Two kicks you right into gear. It’s subtle though. Not antsy


Very nice! I just ordered another tube of SuperBlue Non-Fluoride tooth paste with colloidal silver & Iodine. It is the best tooth paste. Not to mention free shipping. I urge everyone to take advantage of all the great specials going on at the Infowars store, with free shipping. :us_outlying_islands:


I really enjoy the Immune Support blend. Has a great kick without the “caffeine” buzz.




Tastes a lot better than the other baking soda, tumeric, avocado oil mix I use



I also have purchased a ton of secret 12 but I’m out of it atm

have a GREAT DAY info warriors :us: :heart:


SERIOUSLY :heart::heart::heart: this product


My 16 year old Infowars shirt that was part of a challenge Alex was having at the time lol