Post pics of your Infowars Store Swag & Supplements


Picture of me & my Infowars Magazine from 2013.


Finally got a pic of my stuff to post. Ordering BodEase, Secret 12, and Happease this weekend. My bf and I are going to go half and half on the AlexaPure water filter and that’s our Christmas present to each other!


Hey, how do you like the AlexaPure Pro water filter? Do you have all 4 filters? Do you notice a difference?


I got the Alexapurepro with the recent 49% off [$127]. I’m loving it too.

I’ve got some things I need to do with it…Gotta buy some ice cube trays to make ice with the filtered water since the water does stay cold long with the stainless steel design, and my ice maker just uses the water from the water softener. I’m not much for drinking water room temp, so I’ve gotta have a way to make ice. Doesn’t really make sense to filter the water only to use ice that unfiltered.

I would :heart::heart::heart: to get the high speed, low drag WHOLE house filtration system BUT it is a bit pricey at the moment.

PLUS, living in Georgetown TX you REALLY need a water softener which we currently have…NOT sure how the whole house system would work with our [$3500] Dupure water softener system…We should have gotten a $700 System at Sam’s Club and had it installed. But, live & learn I guess.

Gotta research this before my wife would allow me to purchase a $1700 + filtration system for the house. She’s cool about the infowars products but NOT sold on everything at the moment …Sadly!

So convincing her to let me get the Alexapurepro system and to use it was a small step. She’s open to the whole house system but we need to budget for it…but it’s in the works!


I am interested in the whole house system as well but we’d have to get a house first! Currently we’re in an apartment so the AlexaPure is perfect for our current situation. And at $127, how could we not? Lol


When Company comes over and I need to pull out the folding chairs. Now who voted for Hillary? Here is your chair…




Im like yes the butter is in the fridge to my non loving American family members… red pillin villain… I dig you madness with the chair I’m going to do one just for my mother in law where she will sit…bhawaaaaaaaaaa…


Show no love to the liberal in-laws this holiday season. Lol jk

Sit them in the Info-Chair at the kiddie table if they start bad mouthing our prez…!


Just came in today!! And I’ll be buying pretty much everyday during the 12 days if Christmas sale.


I have both those shirts. Excellent buy


Thanks! I had to start the collection off with what i feel are a couple of the most important shirts. These along with the Alex forbidden information shirt, that’s next on the list.


Im stealing your chair idea omg! My mom just got a bunch from a mormon church. We were going to spray paint them but your ideas way better


Great idea! Man that’s awesome.


Look at all that great stuff. I have to get all my stuff together and take a pic, it’s spread all over the house. Even got one of those limited edition Trump prints =D But last time I took it out of the tube my fat fingers ripped it a tad.

I have had an idea for ages for Infowars. The Infowars CATALOG! Catalogs are underrated. I get these catalogs in the mail from places I’ve long forgotten and end up ordering something. Damn you Harriet Carter!

We all need bathroom reading material. Or coffee table material- what ever floats your boat. Just don’t put the bathroom catalogs back on the coffee table!

Seriously it’d be a huge boon for Infowars. The products are incredible and it’s still a great way to get the word out. One catalog can be seen by dozens if not more such as a doctor’s office.


Looking forward to my new #weareallAlexJones shirt!!! :grin::+1: Yay!!!



Posting these to social media with a hashtag (#Infowars #AlexJones #InfowarsStore) could help spread the word and retain a social media presence.

Why couldn’t it trend with how many people buy from Infowars Store?


That is a great idea I can’t wait to get my new shirt so I can do that with my supplements!!! :+1::grin::revolving_hearts:


Just got my new order…:heart::heart::heart: This Shirt!!!