Post your favorite music thread


I use to have this on record. The entire album was this song. nnnnnnn 19 nnnnnnn nn nnnnnnnn 19

Then we learn the Gulf of Tonkin was a lie.



Everything these guys have made is great music.


@hxtr At a certain point I saw their presence as selling sickness like it’s cool. The goulish characters look pre diabetic. I did like their music for a minute so it was difficult for me to accept that they could be filth. Maybe they will reinvent themselves to resemble less of a purple green steak for sale.




This man was the brains behind so much wonderful music.


Alex reminds me of the Man in Black so does all the Infowariers here.


And the Infowars reporters too.


So fantastic this music. Unfortunately, she recently died. <3


Also died relatively recently. Much love.


When he says, “…I’m useless, but nor for long: the future is coming on” that is scary. He is basically declaring he is a satanist IMO. The way I understand it is that he is so depraved and lawless and wicked that the then-public mind would object to his activities and reject him if they ever found out what he was up to, but that he is certain that the direction of the world order is satan-wards (in part because of his contributions) so that he would be “liberated” to be the beast in public (thus “of use”–the public doesn’t want to party with him presently but the sort of world he anticipates is a world in which he would have plenty of “friends” with whom to do these things) he is in secret.

I never liked their music.

Maybe the first time I heard it, I thought it was a bit catchy, but I ended up despising it immediately for what I thought I perceived they were talking about.

I could be wrong, but…



Some of the best music (musically–other songs resonate with me more, but this stuff is technically genius) ever. Even Eric Clapton agrees he’s a guitarical genius.

I Don’t Trust Myself with Loving You


Separately (from the same album, same sentiment, but not “guitarically genius”):
Stop This Train


Genius-level catchiness.


Literally anything from pre-90s Prince. Too much to post.


That’s new to me, will look forward to giving it a listen.


Can almost guarantee you’ll love it.


Maybe the Haim collab with Calvin Harris isn’t “genius level catchiness” (still pretty good–like a 125-130 IQ), but: 1. even if they had some input in it, it was ultimately Calvin Harris’s music / idea, and 2. I still thought they did a great job with lyrics / vocals.