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For those who haven’t yet heard (yes, I recommend hearing those first four tracks in that sequence–with the exception of “The Navajo Know” that is the album sequence, and I think they (the first three–Navajo Know is just a can’t-miss) dovetail musically). They have a million other good songs.

(…except a little fish–
bumped in-to me,
I swear he was trying to talk to me,
so I went, “Wait, wait, wait
where is my mind?”)


They were hiding the fact the singer what white. They were trying to make it as if the band was entirely black. Kind of a bit of mind control or deception on who the band really was. Damon Albarn is the lead singer and he has had a few bands.
I see the talent in the music and I never did pay attention to the cartoons which was not the music but only a visual deception.




This Haim is good. Nice balance between Niki and the Dove and Blood Orange.

John Mayer is ok, I can appreciate why other people may like his music. I myself get a phony feeling trying to enjoy it similar when I listen to Jack Johnson. They have their genius moments but the overall unctuous softness of their music I just find a bit shallow. It’s just me. I get that they are artists working hard.


It can appreciate that.

It might be that these other people (like myself) who really do appreciate it that much are listening to it in context of his other music thus appreciating his evolution. That said, though I do think it’s a nice piece of art, it’s not like I sit there and listen to it (i.e., I can appreciate your angle). LOL I think there is a lot of music that is good art that I also feel is too superficial or that I don’t really connect with.


I guess I’m too spongy. I don’t mind things being dark but they need to be alive too… In the sense that if there’s elements of good and bad the overall Good is conceivable. Sometimes it just comes across as too fluffy or something.

Probably why I like being outside in the elements so much. I soak up what I can see as intelligent design from whatever my vantage is, and it’s like a drink of spring water filtered by the rock. Bombarded with quiet inspiration of the surrounding beauty, my being is revitalized.

If art can do that I think it’s pretty much THE CAT’S PAJAMAS.

On the flip side it’s like anything else, eating healthy etc. I only see what’s perfect as Divinity, so it’s important to be as Good as one can be but also recognize the ebb and flow of what can be seen as contradictory, flawed, variables that allow for interpersonal growth.

That branches out into everything from survival to self control. We do increase the odds of receiving grace when we are doing our best. The world is hell and here we are.

More power to you @well_well_well knowing what you are about.





I love this one… helped me understand Chemtrails and HAARP.


Well, we may not agree on philosophy but that’s OK

See ya







3000 lb. smash sound.



San Ber’dino