Protesting INSIDE of a TRUMP RALLY to express the need for CONSERVATIVE activism?


We need to do a Protest INSIDE the Trump Rallies while Trump is still the president!
We can get attention on the FREE SPEECH ISSUE amongst other ISSUES…and maybe force Trump’s hand to stay on track this way because he cares about his image, and this would be so sudden…

Why do this INSIDE the Rally?

One, it will be relatively SAFE…people are patted down for weapons, going through screens, if we did this on a street corner or meet, we will get arrested for not having a permit.

I don’t want ANY of our participants to get harmed by Antifa or someone who actually has a weapon. But there are RISKS we could get arrested, by the SS, or mobbed by Trump Supporters that don’t understand what were doing, because I would expect confusion in the audience, you know from the DO NOTHING conservative types…

I think it would catch him off guard… I don’t really think he’s going to kick us out because we ACTUALLY support him…but we gotta make sure he stays focused… you always hear these talk show commentators talk a good game, down play your ideas, call you a distraction from their audience, and a “Trump hater”…because CONSERVATIVES don’t usually protest.

I do know, if you do something like this , they will try to ban you from their forums… if your not a follower like they want you to be…cause you got a gripe about what Trump is NOT doing , and these people automatically go off the deep end, like a bunch of waterheads calling you a traitor! But FREEDOM is worth PROTESTING for!!!
Trump has done many great things, I am not discounting that. I am beyond grateful EVERYDAY that Trump is president!!!

But he has gotta know where we stand on this big tech censorship and the DEEP STATE, to know we really have his back but to shout out to him as a large group to raise awareness in others how the stakes are high for all of us for other reasons!

What EVER happened to all those people who said if Trump fucks up we will put him out there… and hold him accountable???

I know people will think were liberals at first… and BOO us because they will see us yelling in UNISON while President Trump is talking… but how is this social media summit going to keep us free???.. When our enemies dont care about Trump because they see him as weak, unknowing and think we won’t protest about what they are trying to get away with???

We are turning into waterhead Obama- like supporters, turning on eachother when those of us who wanna activise and make sure Trump STAYS THE COURSE, maximize this time before we over run with illegals, and commie socialists… while there is still humanity left…and Trump WILL LISTEN!!

Were NOT traitors, Saboteurs, and or even AGAINST Trump, WE LOVE TRUMP…we just know that we could RAISE MORE AWARENESS to the ACTIVISM needed to DEFEAT the LIBERALS… if we get vocal NOW at a TRUMP event!!!l!

I wanna get a good size crowd of like 50 of us… or more …straight up Patriots down to RISK IT ALL… to be apart of history…to TAKE A STAND…where it is not popular… to RAISE AWARENESS DURING TRUMPS RALLIES…nation wide…

NOW WHILE WE STILL HAVE A CHANCE… and nobodyis dying for their views…and OUR country hasn’t fallen… we can get noticed… because all the CAMERAS will be on us…We can Protest the BIG TECH, globalist, PLAN ON SOCIAL MEDIA…instead of just HEARING ALL THE RAH RAH FROM TRUMP WHILE TIME WASTES…If we lose 2020, WE WONT HAVE ANOTHER CHANCE?

Am I wrong for wanting to do this?


I mean how are we going to get the information out there like we did last election, when these commentators dont encourage us to activate, do voter registrations, when were all being censored, our thoughts on social media shadowbanned, and our president blocked, and were all in twitter or facebook jail??? The rallies are all we got once they dial this shit up on us! THEY ARE GOING FOR BROKE… The whole Yahoo CONSPIRACYLAND article is the LEFT attacking the social media, independent journalism like INFOWARS??? They are trying to get us beat up in the streets because we reverse engineered their CONSPIRACIES… This will be our only chance to activate OUR people when they blow Trump off at the Social Media Summit because these commentators dont want us stealing their thunder!


My 2 cents…

  1. I think you are 1000% correct. The most effective way to get Trump to react (positive or negative) is to hit his vanity. He LOVES his rallies and the thought that some of his own supporters might protest his lack of enforcement of freedom of speech would “get in his head.”

  2. Not knowing the policies of entering the rallies, I would suggest handing out signs for people to hold up. At the last Florida rally people were handing out Infowars stickers and people seemed genuinely pleased to get them. Signs with Infowars branding might generate a similar response. Remember, it only took a few people to hold up Q signs at one of his rallies and the next day all MSM was talking about Q. Imagine if they perceive you as “protesters” at Trump rally, they will want you to visit their studios.

  3. I think the initiative to change freedom of speech on social media is time-limited in regard to Trump. IF he were to do actually do something about it, it would be now while the iron is hot. Once we get in 2020, he will probably shift any possible action(s) to an “after I win the election” promise.



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I wanna get this going, but I also WANT YOUR INPUT because PEOPLE WILL BOO US…call us LIBERALS…TRUMP HATERS…because they DONT HAVE THE HEART TO MAKE A STINK…I already got called a traitor on the Pete Santilli forum for bringing this AWESOME idea up! Because we HAVE Trump brainwashed too…like the Obama people we made fun of…We got people who believe things are so good and Trump can do no wrong…so they fight with you…thinking your trying to hurt the president…WHEN YOUR REALLY FIGHTING FOR YOUR FREEDOMS…and they cant see it yet!!!


Because they know it will bother him and they’re too milquetoast to “upset his feelings.” They probably will label those who do as you’re suggesting but, I’d say that’s kinda the point. Get MSM coverage as a protester and you will get more recognition. The key is that, unlike real liberal protesters, you are an easy win for Trump. It would drive the MSM nuts if they touted you, Trump reacted, Trump acted and then you returned to support for Trump.


This is IMPORTANT YOU GUYS…This will be HUGE if we pull this off! Because this could be the ONLY WAY we can communicate…We could drop memes at will last election, we werent getting SHADOWBANNED on the various platforms last ELECTION…Shit has GOTTEN REAL!


I am standing by…waiting for you guys to get here and see this!


protest is an inside and outside game, we need a result we’d want identified. Never protest for vague action, because it’s used to justify something even the protesters wouldn’t want.


Okay, point taken. Thank you. I want to here from everyone.


You guys, I must be clear, I have been banned by places I care about, dogged by people I care about, and maybe I am not clear with my writing, or people don’t have the ability to comprehend, where I am trying to go with this? Your opinions on this issue, are valuable 2 fold, 1. It gives me your input on this issue, and 2. Maybe, one of you might be down to join the fray, and or beat me to my own idea, and this goes VIRAL… we the INFOWARS people, the lowly conspiracy theorists did this…President Trump has not come to my state Alabama for some reasom, I got to go to Tennessee or Florida to do this, and if you live in one of those states and you see this, I could definitely use your help?


Coordinated cheers.

Sneak into Trump Rallies with a MAGA Hat.

Nothing Infowars or anything that might get you kicked out.

Go to Trump Rallies in groups and enter separately.

Communicate via text while in the Trump Rallies.

Have a leader announce the coordinated cheers via text.

Spread out and sit in different locations in the rallies.

At certain points, while others are chanting, begin.

Trump supporters may say “Build a wall.”

They say, “Lock her up,” etc.

So, come up with simple chants before entering the rallies.

Keep the list of catchy chants on paper and on the phone.

Have an order or be organized.

Have a leader, a chorus conductor who can text out when it is time for the chants to come out.

Some of it can be repeated by normal Trump Supporters.

So, some of it might go viral.

Then, Trump might hear some of it.

And other people will hear it as well.

Trump Jr might hear some of it.

That’s how things can spread.

Good ideas can spread.

Catchy chants can be unforgettable.

Animals Are Dying.


Wow, Joey Arnold…you contributed!!! Cool dude!


We are all we got, what is going on with FACEBOOK is bullshit!

The Trump Rally protests will work
If we coordinate it right, have enough people to make noise, have Pro Trump clothing on, if we dont CURSE BACK or get violent at the people who wont UNDERSTAND right away what we are doing!

I wanna be free you guys, I want Trump to WIN,
THIS IS AN ELECTION YEAR…If we do this now…
It will keep Trump focused, and ensure a chance to WIN in 2020!!!

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I would go with coordinated chants that are clearly questioning the status quo, shows support, but still questions leadership effectiveness.


Where’s our Wall?”

“Why’s Google up?”

Problem is, the media will spin this as weakness within constituent base. :thinking:


Great Ideas on CHANTS!!!
Those are going to be important!!!

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Here is a chant: “Geo Engine! Clap Clap. Geo Engine…”


WE could add that Joey!

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That is why we would get on INFOWARS or Trusted Media…we would refuse to talk to CNN or FOX if we can help it… we TALK TO outlets like RSBN…OAN…supportive MEDIA!

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New Chant:

Open Borders. It’s All Over.