Proud boy member and antifa scum talk one on one



I am a proud western chauvanuist and a 2nd degree PB. UHURRU to Rob Based Hobo for even trying to have a conversation with this scumbag.


TOTAL CUCK WARNING The host is a cuckboy btw…


See this chat or interview made proud boys look horrible. There was no rebuttle to this antifa members bad ideals… the proud boy admitted to being violent and justified it while the antifa was willing to lie to look better. The proud boy couldn’t talk economics or anything in a serious light with enough depth to change the antifa members mind at all.

This didn’t look good on conservatives at all. Also looking at European whites they too were slaves, black people are still slaves in other countries to other black people. Cheers to defending others if he does but this didn’t make me like proud boys more sadly. God bless


This is about the worst sit down I’ve ever witnessed. Louis Marquez is an America hating communist, and they could have picked a much better Proud boy to represent Patriots, they should have had someone like Joey Gibson debate the commie with facts. All three of these idiots are very low IQ to say the least.


I 100% agree that Joey would of been a much better candidate. Rob was probably not the best to pick but i remind people there are thousands of us. He even states " Im not like the peaceful guys in our group" which a majority of us are. I cannot defend him as an individual because i dont believe an individual defines a group. If he is willing to goto war against communist scum then so be it no matter who you are. We dont start the fight but are always ready to end it. The proud boys are not here to please the masses or be politically correct. We are the street kids that stand up to these people. Have you organized a march? Have you been on the streets fighting for freedom? Have you organized meetups with other like minded individuals? Have you stood up to the doctrine that the left is pushing? I doubt it…We are here to defend the constitution and if one of our guys is a little crazy so be it. We stand for everything free and patriotic and will have my brothers back no matter the case!!!


Bro…I just turned 65yrs old, when I was a kid I was a Combat Soldier in the 1st Calvary, don’t tell me about being active, I shot this photo over the Summer while standing atop of a Deuce1/2, I’m a CCDL & a Quiet Corner Tea Party Member, I sign every online partition I can, I run a Veterans Group every Wednesday at 2pm. Personally, Rob is a lot like minded, I say that the BBC and their ilk ate that up, looked down on him like toothless trailer trash. Read my Post again, all I said in ref to him was that they could have picked a better Proud Boy to represent Patriots, when I said idiot, I meant all3 as a ‘Debate’. I’m pro 420 too, but on the BBC? do a debate? Come on man. I’m being polite, but if you really want to infight, I’m the right one. Don’t ever question my Patriotism, I never expected to spend my golden retirement years like this.



@stovepipe I appreciate your service and was not calling you out. Just alot of try hard punks that roam around this forum and i apologize for any misrepresentation. I am as patriotic as the next person and must of read it the wrong way. I am the last person to in fight. I prefer clarity over assertion and I was at fault. So lets bury the metaphorical hatchet and start fresh fellow patriot.

I agree Joey would of been a better candidate but he is smart enough to know going on the BBC would be a hit piece. Unfortunately Rob did not have that foresight. I found it interesting how he did say he was a violent person and thats why he understands the scum across the table. If you can be honest with yourself you can live a clear life and at least he was authentic and true. Where is your locality and please enlighyen me.more on the Quiet Corner Tea Party since i have not heard of them. I have however heard of the Conneticut Civilians Defense League (which im assuming is what the CCDL is) and i only know this because a friend of mine was in one of your chapters but ended up joining the 3%ers down here in FL. Once again thank you for your service to this great country of ours and i look forward yo having further conversations with you.

:us: KAG :us:

EDIT I now realize you are probably in Conneticut…


1st trump rally held in FL 2015


And yes im the big guy with the Marlin hat on…We also marched earlier in the day for support of the 2nd amendment.


Not a problem Brother, keep up the good work, we need all the Patriots like you that we can get. Glad to see someone that walks the walk, instead of just being a keyboard warrior, stay active and be true to yourself. Welcome to InfoComms, we’ll chat again.


@StovePipe Amen and god bless brother…no keyboard warrior here, just a man who loves his country and is ready to fight for the most righteous and freedom loving experiment in human history. The good ol US of A :us: :pray: :us:



I put that bumper sticker up today it is the entrance to Regis University.


Snowflakes heads will explode when they set their eyes on that bad boy. Keep winning the Infowar sir!!!

Edit The guy on the island says " Free speech is hate speech" in case the words are not visible.



I watched this yesterday and the fact that he can orchestrate close to 50 rallies in different areas and it be peaceful but they come to portland and its utter anarchy speaks volumes to the hypocricy of the extreme left communist agenda. Its basically the tactic of bully them and then play victim. This is marxism 101 and we need to stay focused and organized on whats really going on because we are seeing these hostile takeovers in other places. This is a stark warning to the USA also about the precedent being set by our crooked politicians and commie scumguzzlers.


Holyyyyyyyy shitttttt!!!



@StovePipe sending you hugs and smiles :heart::grin::heart: