Real Global Warming


Climate change is caused by geoengineering, chem-trails, to some extent.

What do you say to people who believe in climate change? Wait, let me rephrase that because it doesn’t matter if people believe in it or not. It is true that weather and climate changes. There are 500 year cycles. By the way, CO2 is good. Humans have a relationship with trees. So, it is like we help each other. You could talk about that with people.

Beyond that, whenever people bring up climate change, then you could say: “Then why are we not stopping it? Did you see all the climate change in the sky? See that white chem-trail line of climate change?”

Geoengineering sky pics part 2

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Soros pushed hard for the world government scheme under the ruse of climate change during the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen last year.

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