Rebroadcasting Infowars Worldwide


Here are instructions for how to rebroadcast Infowars anywhere, including enemy platforms:

Additionally, in order to get the VLC Media Source option you will need to install VLC and OBS. Make sure that they are both either 32-bit or 64-bit.

I am developing some automation software to make this something you can leave running all day, if you like. See

Good luck streaming! I’ve got 5 months experience and can give lots of advice if you ask. I also recommend using restream if you want to multicast to multiple platforms at once.


I am doing it brother…Check it out!!!



Looks like these links also work if I want to stream it at home. I know the crew would like for us to broadcast it out, as all of us using these links puts the onus on FSS rather than a third party. However, we do have to recognize that third parties are no longer reliable, and so it is good to see there’s a reliable source.

I’ll probably stick to audio streams in most cases to help FSS on the bandwidth side, but it’s good to see this option.


I also listen on Shoutcast every day. I see the rebroadcasts as helping take the load off their servers. The Roku app probably has its own impact.

Here’s the next level: We need tools to mass upload the Special Reports and VOD videos to these platforms as well. And, yes do it on alternative systems too, not just FB, YouTube, Twitter.

I built one called InfoCannon, also on my GitHub page, but FB has killed my app keys and they’ve made it so all new apps (not grandfathered) don’t publish public without app review.

I am currently looking for other “bulk video upload” software for FB that we could fashion a tool to automate with the same videos. Merging with existing traffic will be the best bet to getting something easy for everyone to use that will take longer for FB to ban.


Thanks for your dedication to the Infowar! They can never stop us all. We are all Alex Jones!

Here’s another tip: Make backup accounts early and often. In some cases they are getting even more advanced, using semantic data to track a user across accounts: IP Address, Screen Resolution, Browser Type, Cookies, SMS/phone validation, even facial recognition in uploaded photos and similarity of friend lists.

Likelihood of getting banned is in this order, based on my experience:
All the rest


Also, if you choose to rebroadcast special report videos in the evening, use the Download button, and just copy that link into OBS. The M3U8 on those videos tends to lag during peak times, but MP4 comes from another server and is usually stable. However, I’ve never really seen the main video streams have any such issues.



Alex is no longer on ROKU he got removed but he is on KLOWD


The official InfoWars Roku app was removed, yes.

However, you can sideload the Infowars Live Roku app that I made using the zip file (raw source code) here:

I unfortunately was the guy that got InfoWars banned from Roku because this app was so damn popular. Or maybe there was a conspiracy inside Roku, it’s not clear yet.

I’m really looking forward to getting KlowdTV and putting my Roku boxes in the closet, but it’s too expensive for me right now.


Um I tried that it didn’t work.
What exactly are you supposed to do?
When you get your first ROKU screen and hit HOME you go to HOME ETC.
BTW can we get this type of app for BRIGHTEON?


The secret is you have to enter developer mode first using the secret code.

Then, you should follow the guide above, but here’s the brief of it: Find the IP address of your Roku and use your desktop computer to connect to it like you would a router in the browser. After logging into your Roku, you can then use Installer page to upload the zip file. And voila!


An update regarding the Automated Streaming Tool. The application is working very well for me and I have continued to improve it’s command line functionality to include automating Profile and Scene changes. It also can now time streams to the second, rather than minute using new syntax. I don’t have much documentation for it yet as I’ve spent the past few weeks on InfoCannon. But I will post some details to the GitHub soon.


is there any easy way to watch on RoKU