Red flag laws are unconstitutional and must be stopped


We all know T Man is a Golfer, not a Gun guy, he took away the Bump stocks with a stroke of the pen, now he has called for RED FLAG LAWS nationwide. A CLEAR OVERREACH OF HIS POWER.

What part of shall not be INFRINGE does he not understand?
In addition we have a FBI CIA and other agencies tasked with the rapid deployment of these laws.

He has not locked Her up, he has not built the Wall, he has placed Globalists in his cabinet, has not cleaned out the Leftist factions of the Justice Dept. He did not mention anything about the Antifa Shooter in Ohio, He has not has not gone after Big Tech MSM and such.

Today T man gave the LEFT a Victory in being able to pass these red flag laws, the mentally ill Left will find out and seek any and all Conservatives, T man supporters, and any one they see with a gun.
They will call in the COPS to your house and these Cops will be armed with a UNCONTITUTIONAL law backing them up.

I for one do not like the idea of having to shoot a COP!!! However I will be forced into defending my RIGHTS if they come knocking at midnight to take my guns, because I pissed off a Leftist on Twitter.

If these LAWS pass, he will have lost the 2020 Election and the USA will enter into a very Hot Civil War.

Food for thought

Mao took the Guns, Stalin took the Guns, Hitler took the Guns, and now Trump is thinking about taking the Guns, this happens 1776 will Commence Again.

Stay safe, God Bless, and God Speed Patriots.


No matter who wins, I think things are going to get bad after 2020. If Trump wins, left starts a hot civil war. If a Democrat/socialist wins they are going to come after all of us with illegals, our government and the UN.
These red flag laws are bad though, 100% unconstitutional. Many of our laws and the things they do are unconstitutional. Maybe I misunderstood it but if I read it right in 1871 they passed the Act of 1871 which basically voided the Constitution…


I will not vote for him again if he passes any Red Flag laws.


This is true we are fighting to Restore our Republic, and this is the fight we are now tasked with, I thank God each day for allowing me to be alive to witness this Biblical event.

God Bless and God Speed.


No matter what he better than a Democrat. Even if we end up in the same place at least Trump gave us time to become more informed and prepped up for when shit goes south. HRC would have came for us all soon as she got in then sign all government power to the UN.


I agree has has postponed that time, yet it is here, stay frosty.


I’m probably not going to vote but I’m not going to try to stop anyone else. I still support Trump for the most part.


He best back away from this rhetoric or 1776 will commence again!!!


I have been a fervent supporter of Trump, I even have said I would take a bullet for him, today I might still take that bullet, yet it will be a from a COP using a Red Flag law to take my Guns. Not going to happen, he seeks to stop the the “Hate”. Yet with this rhetoric will cause more of it to spread.

I took a oath to the US Constitution to protect it from all Foreign and Domestic enemies, these are not just words to me.

T man is crossing a Line that if crossed will cause more “hate”. He best back down. Or face the 100+ million gun owners and we will lock her up, we will lock his ass up for passing a unconstitutional red flag law.

We The People.


That’s right. 1871 is a key year.


Supporting Trump is like supporting your rebellious teenager. In other words, we have to continue to do more than just vote. Don’t disown family or Trump. Your kids can do bad. When you try to confront your husband or wife who has a gambling addiction, you do it out of love. We go after Trump in the same way, out of love, because we support Trump like we support family. Trump is family. Trump is valuable. Don’t disown Trump. Find ways to educate and admonish Trump out of love.


I did not, he has not crossed that Line yet, if he does, 1776 will commence again best get ready it’s here.

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I can do that for a lot of things but my guns are not one. No discussions.


Two main reasons for 2A, to keep the government in check and to discourage outside invasions. They are working hard to take that power away while they flood us right now because that’s one advantage we have that Europe did not… WE HAVE GUNS!


@Trey060, I do not understand. You cannot do what? What did I say? I was trying to say that we have to stop Trump from doing bad things.



And so the tyranny has begun.


There is a peaceful way and an aggressive way to approach a citizen.

Those dumb asses approach a person who is “alleged” to be a problem with guns, at 5am like they are some SPECOPS team. That’s total military SOP.

Yeah, bow up and smack somebody around when insisting by force they comply peacefully. That’s human psychology insanity.

Police departments need to learn how to approach citizens peacefully, not through fear and intimidation based on military tactics. This ain’t freakin’ Al-Fallujah.


I assume you’re applying the same tactic to anyone considered “armed and dangerous”, because if you’re going to get the guns, that’s what they’re automatically classified as.


I would hope you know the point. Law enforcement strong-arming the public is not how to go about it. I think the evidence and dead bodies prove it.

Seriously, there is a non-confrontational way, and there is an in your face aggressive confrontational way. Police seemed to be trained to be confrontational and always escalate the situation. They are literally acting just like they are military. It’s so bad we now have the term 'swatted" in the vocabulary.

I’d like to know what the process actually is when they “red flag” a person. Is there a notice sent? Some other effort to allow the citizen to answer to the accusations, or do they just sneak up on people at the break of dawn in full SWAT combat gear?

It’s all in the delivery.