Robert Barnes is the man!


Just posting my respect and admiration for this patriot. To think I don’t like lawyers by and large.
This man is so concise in his articulations about this fight.
Fight the good fight Mr Barnes. This American stands with you! Much Respect Sir. :us:


Hes good. #dynamite awesome.


Totally agree!! Love this guy. Good job infowars crew on scooping him up!!


I came here to post the same thing. I am trying to get the video of the show today. That one is going in the personal offline archives…Plus I want to watch it again!!!

Please post the link back here to today’s show if you find it before I can post it…Thanks!

Still looking for a downloadable link…:wink:


He was on about a week ago too. Didn’t here today’s, I know he gave people so long to retract.


You should see today’s show…Robert Barnes was on fire!!!


I will listen to it tonight.


Getting my popcorn ready :popcorn: