Sacramento says its illegal to work on your own car in your garage!



Its illegal to do it in the street!


Its all part of the push to make the auto mechanics more corporate. The only people who can work on most of the new vehicles are the mechanics at the dealerships because they cars and truck have special tools and machines just to take them apart. Not only that but most new vehicles are more like fuckin computers than mechanical machines. I think thats also why Cali has all the carbon emissions bs because not a whole lot goes wrong with an oldschool push rod v8. If everyone drives electric and hybrid nobody can work on the fucking things because they want the public to be domesticated unable to fix anything.


These types of organized labor misuse of Federal,State, Local government institutions have been the biggest detriment that is undermining original intent of USA Constitutional Structures.
Ergo eta to current situation of contortionist existence is present time.

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I have a truck and a car both have V8s. Anyone tries to take them or tell me I can’t drive them or work on them is going to be put in a bad place. V8S FOR LIFE!!


Similarly are Property rights laws intruding into your self determination of what can be done on land or houses.
This are laws that attempt to develop a extravagant lifestyle appearance for neighborhood. This artificially drive up Resale prices of homes, mostly benefits the real estate investors of community.
Gated Communities are separated item, you know the limitations on property uses by home owner contract.

Cities are between the two extremes of countryside house/land use and Gated Communities.

Generally the ideas of ownership being people should be able to buy empty lots or acreage and live in a tent on those properties. Most cities, many countries restrictions for such users contribute to homeless problem.
Ignore the man behind those ideas, forget about inflation robbing our children’s future ability to live even equal to 50’s era single income households comfortable existence.

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Have I said Fuc* Comiefornia yet today?


How would they enforce that law if you’re hiding in your garage?

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