Sanders coming to Greenville SC. Who's going?!


This event could spark great discussions amongst the attendees if we can get some infowarriors out there on the ground covering it live. I need a crew though. Who’s down to make some liberals cry and make history?!?

  1. You will learn a lot about a movement that has nothing to offer but
    benefits without working. It is a good idea to go, I would observe and
    maybe appear to support. Will there be a guest list, how do the rallies work?
  2. So Bernie had his honeymoon in Russia, so this is what to expect.
  3. If his followers can make or do nothing productive, how does he come to have 3 houses, be a millionaire and selling all these books, to whom?


I don’t know if there is a guest list but it’s free. Unlike AOC speaking at South by Southwest where not only did she fly there but she landed and immediately got a beef taco then charged people to come hear her talk.
Well Bernie and his wife swindle the college’s and made money off them which bought him three houses.
But now even burning is for closed borders. If we go we should bring some avocados will hand out to people maybe change their mind so that they might agree with us and Bernie. So are you thinking about going?