Sandy Hook families gain access to infowars financials


Sandy Hook families can have access to InfoWars’ financials


Still to this day, the most haunting thing I’ve seen, I live in Ct, maybe that’s why. Everything looked familiar and close to home, from the Trooper’s uniforms, to our State Governor…Except it was like watching The Stepford Wives movie. “EVERYONE MUST CHECK IN” I can’t believe the Court Proceedings have gone this far, it’s pretty bold of them to push it this far, fearing Discovery on their part…Poor Alex, their all F***ing demons.


That’s crazy! I’m speechless right now. This level of demonization and invasion in/on someone’s life is ridiculous. Why don’t they explain the demolition of the lanza’ s house or why the chopper footage shows people walking in circles, or the dash cams. Smh


This is setting dangerous precedences …will all conspiracy theorists have their finances examined under a microscope now too?


According to the Alex Jones show today all of the major search engine providers will be using your phone’s programming to spy on everyone in about three months. Creepy. What’s worse is they are supposedly buggering a bunch of leftists to control what pops up in search results


I saw this on Twitter :pensive: this is wrong on many levels… :pensive: I don’t always agree with Alex but this is wrong…I think it’s just another way for them to tear him down!!!



If I had to guess…I would say this has little if any to do with Sandy Hook, that it’s the planned cover story for bad actors to access and find anything on Alex, or Infowars to destroy it.

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I wasn’t watching AJ at the time of Sandy Hook and I was not into politics or much news so I never heard AJ stories.


Great observation; and even if that’s not their first plan of action, they’ll do whatever they want as soon as they gain access.


You Tube results all news channel videos now, I hate that. I can’t find the long version of these sandy hoax videos like a few years ago. This is bad they took YouTube.

I remember watching the news when this happened and it just didn’t seem right. Breaking news and coming up next ! Then the same recycled crap, never any new information.

This sucks they got YouTube and the search results, the next big event real or not there version is the only version with most of the public. This sucks.

Here I got it

But WTF how does suing someone for saying stuff you din’t like goive you access to their financials ?

I guess I will search it and read the “results” that come up now.


…and 100’s more of weird anomalies connected to this Capstone Event.


The evil craphole lawyers, In my view, had the family.moving all over “lying” stating they were threatened by neighbors, so they would have to move again, just another craphole lie by another craphole lying lawyer to try to win a lawsuit for the craphole family trying to make money of the death of their own kids. Disgusting.


Agreed, all lies. Ct. is really becoming a creepy place.


the creepy on sandy hook

“evil has always been here”

The tortured thousands of people in that town for decades.


My YouTube channel was shut down because I posted Alex Jones livestream responses to the Sandy Hook lawsuit… apparently Google won’t allow you to hear Alex’s side…I’m talking to my lawyers about suing Google…that’s the only action I see we can take…we all need to sue


"We look forward to gaining access to Infowars’ internal marketing and financial documents to show that Jones has built an empire as nothing more than a conspiracy profiteer, as alleged in our complaint.”

Complain about what ?

That is what conspiracy theorists do, they theorize that things could be a conspiracy.

Every single MSM article calls him a conspiracy theorist so are they lying then ?


This video always made me suspect



So here is the question I’ve been wanting to ask…Do we know for 100% certainty that this is accurate and not just more #FakeNews and truth?

God I SURE hope this is NOT true. NO ONE Deserves such unjustified punishment!