Save James - Doctor Mother Demands Jail If Dad Calls Son A Boy!?!


MINE: one of the most destructive FOUR LETTER WORDS.


See… I made sure my daughter stayed brown. What a fucked up comment. I apologize.


Certainly contact Trump and report to any helpful places you see fit but the reality is that the law is already joint custody for medical decisions in most states so dad should be required to sign off on anything and be involved in their child’s life.

Instead mom, a doctor in this case, misuses the medical system, her educational authority in it, the legal system, the justice department with false jail threats, and just the way she is a female mother to harm her own child in front of their father, make the father pay for it, and harm us all in a variety of ways while she is doing it. Cops arrest us for walking down the street looking white for months with no trial but this parental child abuser will most likely continue to alienate children for the rest of her life. She may already be doing it with other “single” moms at the hospital she works at. I don’t care through, I give up. There are too many of them and we have already told them for so many years. Trump must end the harm from the 1999 violent womens act from Clinton.

Of course kids can’t decide that they want a perminent expensive sex change. Adults can’t either. It does make the real needs for those with private part problems seem like it is something it is not.

Still dad does not mock her on his site and talks in a way that does not take away from her.


I’m not allowed estrogen therapy due to cancer risks during menopause, yet safe for a child? They are literally trying experiments on children giving them hormones which is dangerous to health as well as their minds. This is a sick twisted agenda and we can’t be silent when it comes to our children. They aren’t SJW LAB RATS. Trump and all of our administration should stop this craziness. I feel I live in a upside down world


This is way worse than a lab rat right @Deb?


oh man… don’t think you should be posting things like this for your own security reasons.


She live in Italy. I am not worried a bit. She will shoot you if your fuck with her or her kid and hubby.


It’s not me anyone needs to worry about. I am due for an Italy trip sailing near Sardinia.


Lab rats is pretty much how they are treating these children to conduct their gender assigning experiments on children whose minds are not even developed or matured to make a life changing decision that is permanent. I don’t know what else to call it


I am trying to convince her to visit Leo Zagami. That would be epic. Doubt she will though.


It is an appeal to religion.

God is really doing it but not the child’s father which is a man.

It again reminds me of the Australian Jesus where it is like I am now your real father. Your old father was not really your father. I am God and I say I make all the babies, not men.


@Deb you can call it this guys CHILD! :slight_smile:

Look, this child* is being used as a tool to harm their father. Yes he is also being used as a lab rat.
The mother is obviously a very unhealthy doctor. There are too many of them out there and some can harm you in state mental hospitals against your will. The point is she is misusing our money that paid for her doctor education and abusing her own child in front of their dad in public while misusing our justice department and family law system to threaten him with jail if he even suggests his son is a boy! So beyond lab rat.


So much money wasted on all this stuff. Here is the solution for the doctor (only for married couples)

Make a specific time for mom and dad to make love.


That’s nothing new many vengeful mom or dads use the justice system to alienate the other parents involvement. Wrong as it is and shouldn’t happen and this event is child abuse for sure. Can’t see how any judge could allow this to happen


Agreed but I can also see MANY judges doing things like this.

This homo judge chased their sex partner down the street at gun point. Never arrested.


The mother is very insensitive for not raising a “they-by”. If anything, it should be the child’s choice, not hers. :stuck_out_tongue:


“The mother” I put lightly is demanding in court that dad goes to jail on OUR TAXES if he calls his son a boy.

Crazy thing is that at the end of the day, I still want the child to have the human right to freely associate with both of their parents.


#AmericaFirst but Leo has some great finds and a unique perspective.


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