Save James - Doctor Mother Demands Jail If Dad Calls Son A Boy!?!



I see the principles of schools stealing kids from their other parent out of state and using them as a tool to create babies for sale, I see biologist women creating their kids and manipulating their genetics 40 years ago, I see local women using their kids and the other neighborhood kids in videos from their phone and selling them to child porn distributors in Los Angeles, and I see some single parents offering their kids to foreign citizens here illegally in their 30s or older.


I would BEAT A BITCH…straight up…I would have an AMBER ALERT my car license plate all over interstate highway signs…all up in your cell phones…I would smack the bitch, and take my kid! Fuck it…I would RISK it all to save my kid!


Scott even had an order from the judge to spend time with his son and this parental child abductor still stole the child with the help from her clients and co-workers for years and years.


That’s a God thing! Thankfully you listened to your conscience.

There are immoral “leaders” with token lawyers and court “expert” licensed “professionals” in America who make unethical policies/statutes that allow and encourage sicko-pedos close to our most vulnerable children (FOSTER NON-CARE SYSTEM). “They” are complicit and should be held accountable. Those who use children as props politically are cowards (Newsom).


@therecfem interesting how some judges who do not support Trump’s bans are profiteering from stolen foster kids internationally.




Everyone in this thread knows about the “putative fatherhood registry” right?