Scary Facts about kids being raised by Single Moms... Red Pill


M gives Statistics and Facts on the destruction of our Children not Being raised Two Parent Traditional Mother and Father Home and Hollywood Satanic Push of Single Mom or Gay Parent s Raising Children…


That guy is an idiot. He’s tossing a HUGE blanket over single mothers. Purely my assumption, but he sounds like a person who has an ax to grind against an ex.

Right from the start what is his tag line? “Women are the gatekeepers to sex…”.

Pathetic. I didn’t bother with more than the first 5 minutes.

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Dude is Epic. Only Real Red Pill gets it. Everything he says is based on Facts and Statistics that he quotes and put in the info on this video page.

If people wanna be like Retard Joe Biden and
Believe “their truth” instead of The Facts, theyre the Libtard idiots! Too many damn Cuck Beta Libtards.


There are lies
There are damn lies
And then there are statistics

My mom raised three boys alone and look how I turned out… hee, hee, hee
But still it was not by her choice
So this man has a point