Scripture to prepare God’s war against evil


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@well_well_well Your move, jihadi.


This is my Christmas Gift to Jesus.

  1. I am not waiting to be organized by someone else anymore.
  2. You will find me actively looking for groups and individuals to immediately protest the attack on this country and Our President.
  3. Never Again will the sham and illusion with fake opinion polls be foisted on the American People that has been successful with ousting Richard Nixon.
  4. I will keep repeating this message to whomever will read it.


Liars and deceivers are in this platform to spread their falsehoods. I will not tolerate them and their false prophet, Muhammed. Damned all to HELL be his name. He burns in the lake of fire with Allah, the false god.


Did you just call me a jihadist?!? :flushed:


@MamaPotato a Jihadists :joy::rofl: That’s what it looked like he called you…Your cover is blown :rofl:


And this is the moment that I literally have been cringing in anticipation of… The day that I no longer can take this forum seriously at all… I have gotten what I needed out of it, spread the message I needed to spread (truth) and made a few good friends… So now if y’all don’t see much of me anymore, it’s because I don’t waste time on foolish ignorance, which has definitely begun to take hold with more people joining this forum… It was great while it lasted but all good things come to an end…,:pensive:🤦


Bye, jihadi. Allah is satan. Muhammad is a pedophile rapist and your kind isn’t welcome here.


I damn sure did. Prove me wrong. But you can’t.


@zimmermann Please…This guy :point_up_2::point_up_2:


You’re a part of them, Mr. NPC.


You know at first I was thinking maybe it was a joke…but good grief… I’m speechless, literally… And the sad part is just a few days ago there was praise coming from the same source now accusing…:pensive::thinking:


Don’t let a few bad eggs ruin it for you…This guy will be dealt with soon


No joke. You’re sick and your religion is evil.


You don’t know how to deal with me. Come do it. I beg you deal with me. I’m ready.


What are you even talking about… I’m curious as to what proof you have to even come up with that conclusion??


I know!! You guy were all good lol I thought it was a joke too :rofl::rofl::rofl: He wont be here much longer, dude is insane :rofl: