Scripture to prepare God’s war against evil


Prove I’m wrong. You can’t. Anyone who understand will see it.


This is one of many posts I have made showing where my beliefs are…


Yup. I’m insane. Say what you will. I do not care. You’re probably the alt acct of @well_well_well


Taqiyya. Lies and deceit. It is required of you.


I realized the same–this is not a forum for serious discussion (every serious discussion dies)–and was waiting for the day when things would change (whether because new people came in, or new rules were instituted, or what ever) to really get involved again.


Get your evil out of here. Islam is the false religion of death and destruction.


I am your alt account according to him :rofl::rofl:


You’re either that or a cohort. I know that for sure.


Well, I am part Jewish. LOL (My mother’s side of the family descended in part from the Jews who fled Spain.)


Judaism has been tainted. The true Israelites are the Palestinians. Today’s Jews are not the original tribe. It’s all been mangled and misused to further the satanic goal of dominating and killing humanity.


My fathers side are Russian Jews


I don’t care what lies you spew. I do not care. I know what you’re doing.


LOL! That was the last person who actually cared about what he said! Now we can literally say “NO ONE CARES!”


Lies and deceit and minor details do not make your case.


He is replying to himself :rofl::rofl:


That mongoose has got rabies.


Again, your minor details do not prove anything.


Rabies, right… no it’s called Islam the death cult for a reason.


Show me again where it says Christians are the flock to be slaughtered.


Sure thing:

Matthew 7
6“Do not give dogs what is holy, and do not throw your pearls before pigs, lest they trample them underfoot and turn to attack you.

Oh, whoops! LOL!