Scripture to prepare God’s war against evil


Look at the beginning of this thread. It proves you’re wrong in your “interpretations” (lies brought forth by Taqiyya).


WOOPS! Your satanic death cult isn’t welcome.


Islam will be defeated. It will not spread its evil bloodletting for your satanic rituals.


And you know this. That’s why our “paid off politicians” are adhering to the Islamic demands to silence your opponents. Islam is evil and can’t stand on its own merits because it has none in regards to goodness in humanity.


Why on earth would you call @MamaPotato a jihadist? That’s like literally calling some one a white supremacist. You have no proof and I can tell you she isn’t one. Stop trying to make assumptions about someone that you don’t agree with. I hope the admins can flag this post and take it down but it’s also Christmas so they’re busy spending time with their families. . We don’t need any infighting on this forum. If you want to have a debate with someone do it through pm. Merry Christmas


If you’re aligned with someone who says what they’re saying, then you’re suspect as well.


Don’t waste your time “feeding” the trolls. Not worth it.


The rats always come out when the cover is being removed.


Ok enough is enough. I don’t appreciate your unfounded accusations. I’m not going to argue with you and this will be the last time I give any precedence to this topic. All I can say is @Mongoose you are very much mistaken and I’m not sure what kind of evil has taken it’s hold on you but I will pray for you! You are a good and decent person and these posts are very disturbing considering that fact. I sincerely hope that you get free of whatever has gotten in to you. I understand that times are treacherous but you can’t run around in a foolish manner accusing everyone like this. Please stop and consider the rammifications of these words you are saying. Sending love to you and praying hard for you!! :pensive::pray::pensive::pray::pensive::pray:


Lies and deceit. Taqiyya is being used here to undermine this group’s intention.


@PASTORSAM , I’m not really surprised since you didn’t speak up when they were spreading falsehoods about people defending themselves from slaughter.


Is pastor Sam a Jihadist now also?


I do not know who he is, but I know who he isn’t.


Yes or no…Direct question


I answered. Read it. Comprehend it. Liars and deceivers come in all forms. Look at the state of the “Church” these days. It is sick with leftist ideology.


@Mongoose, There is a difference between me and everyone else you have maligned. You wouldn’t last five seconds in the cage with me! You have certainly not watched my teachings on the 'Comms, which are ALL about defending oneself from slaughter. You have been very disrespectful to the ladies, and that is WAY out of line. Maybe you were not breast-fed as a child. Maybe your daddy didn’t whip your ass. But you are definitely an angry and spiteful person, just the person that I love to smash and evict from the table of the Lord’s love feast. If your long wrestling match with @Well_well_well was mutually enjoyable, great. But it was abrasive, and now you have gone and got butt-hurt, so you are going to crap all over the forum! The admonition of scripture is clear, “But if ye bite and devour one another, take heed that ye be not consumed one of another.” GA5.15 The forum also has rules about this, and you are in violation of them.

Let this be a lesson in civility for all of us. We all on this forum have one thing in common-we are used to NOT having friends. The purpose of the forum is so that we can get over our very unhealthy isolation. But just like any group of toddlers (or emotional three-year-olds), those friendships will not take root without a few temper-tantrums! Now everybody get over it, or I will crack your heads together, literally and prophetically.

Some people need to be drunmed out of the Infowars Army!

I do not fear you either.


Bring your flock to the slaughter is not what you should be ignoring.


:rofl: Glad we have some people who have their heads screwed on straight around here. LOL


I wouldn’t say that, exactly, liar. Purveyor of taqiyya.