Scripture to prepare God’s war against evil




You are lying and using taqiyya. I’m fair to recognize it.


The pope sits in the mouth of the snake and lies from the vatican. You are no prophet. You are a liar as well.


About as real as it gets right here… And just an FYI no I don’t agree with everything in this video… BUT there is a point to this because of how people’s actions speak so…


Mongoose, IMO you are just as intolerant of other faiths and religions as the fundamentalist Islam are. So … when are you going to start beheading the infidels … any plans for raping and pillaging … how are those IED plans coming along. Why aren’t you in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey fighting the religion you claim to hate.


Sure. Call me that. I don’t care. This is more taqiyya and probably another alt account. Your wickedness always shines through.


If you don’t care, why are you here?


Because I will not rest until your evil false prophet is thrown asunder by the grace of God himself, Allah will burn with Muhammed forever.


Alt account? You don’t know me and I really don’t want to know you.


Then why are you here attacking me?


I see that you are burning now.


Whatever you claim, I do not care. I live in the power of goodness and decency.


I not attacking, but just noting that you are doing the attacking.


You are, though. I’m simply shining the light of truth where it’s needed.


Your truth, not ours


Your lies, not mine.


Is that the best you can come up with? Nine out of Ten major religions state that we are all going to hell. I can accept that, but you are blinded by your own ignorance of your personal hell that you don’t realize you are already there and lashing out at others for your own failings and misgivings. I cannot help you here … I can forgive you but only you can forgive yourself.


I don’t need you to forgive me. You and your lies have no power in my world. You should seek to save your own souls.


Regardless, I still forgive you.


Not needed. But thanks?