Secret paths to Suce$$ in Government


This thread is devoted to the investigations of George Webb and McDuff.

These two men and the crew on YouTube are daily, exposing insiders dealing
in arms, uranium, pipelines, shadow companies and real estate. No person working in any government or company on the planet is able to evade the investigations of Webb and McDuff.

Webb has lost a family member to unusual circumstances when investigating something occuring in the government.
McDuff has lost his father to unusual circumstances when Kennedy hired him to disband the CIA.

George Webb’s thread:

McDuff’s thread

Post a Global Threat, Issue, or Problem

Kamella Harris has a secret path to success.


That’s so funny. And true.


Wow, he’s still at it, huh? Do you remember when he was drinking one night, of many, and said he was MOSSAD? I stopped even bothering to watch him a while back, but I know how he was always exposing this and that. I do follow his brother, Dave from time to time.

Always found it strange he never got demonetized or banned for what he was saying. Kinda told a lot. The same goes for Crowdsource the Truth. It seemed to be all a money making PSYOP. Jason and Trish both had money before joining Webb.

I listened to a few of their vids, seems to me a new player has been added. More money being made by both.

  1. When Webb does an expose he keeps the running log of youtube users that make comments.
    Recently he has been going to different locations in Maryland and DC.

  2. In DC he uncovered a location where hackers were ordering arms and drugs through a USA supply chain that was supposed to ship supplies to the UN.

  3. South of Baltimore on Gibson Island, Webb exposed this as a ‘Russian Retreat’ where women operatives are used to compromise the UN members as they take a weened ‘retreat’.

  4. Did you see this:

  5. A Russian destroyer nearly collided with a U.S. guided missile cruiser on Friday morning, and the U.S. Navy has released video footage of the dangerous incident.

  6. The USS Chancellorsville, a Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser, was traveling in the Philippine Sea when it was approached by the Russian destroyer, which came within 50 to 100 feet of colliding with the U.S. ship.

  7. I saw the video, there were Russian ship mates out sunning themselves on deck while putting the US Ship in jeopardy. How can a commander do something like this? Do they think all the people on the US ship are there for a vacation?


Yes, I did see that last night. Made me wonder how the Russians could just stay there sunbathing, while their ship could be colliding with ours. Was this a real threat, a war game, or something more to make us go to war again under false pretenses? It was just really shocking to see sunbathing on the deck, while your ship heads directly towards another. Thoughts?


LOL, you actually believe that ship story as presented?

That was no “almost collided”. That was sailors goofing off. It happens all the time and for years. The flyboys do the exact same thing with “intercepting” aircraft. It’s a kind of chicken with really big boats. It’s like buzzing the tower in a Tomcat.

It’s just a bunch of boys with really expensive toys. Talk to any Navy sailor that has been to sea for more than a kiddy cruise to the Carabian. That stuff is basically navy tradition.

Makes for a great story…“One time back in the Med…”