She is alive... 🤔 Ruth Bader Ginsburg... And guess what!? Wait, is she or isn't she?



She done kicked the bucket. They put a double in her place.



The 25th amendment only applies to the Presidency.


Oh, that’s creepy…


I honestly believe she is not as healthy as they want to portray her to be and rather than admit it, they are carrying thru with the drama and making people suspect the worse with all the suspense.



There’s only one body that can impeach. And they sure as heck won’t, given who controls the gavel.


The Constitution provides that justices “shall hold their offices during good behavior” (unless appointed during a Senate recess). … Only one justice has been impeached by the House of Representatives (Samuel Chase, March 1804), but he was acquitted in the Senate (March 1805).

No mechanism exists for removing a justice who is permanently incapacitated by illness or injury, but unable (or unwilling) to resign.[100]


The key point in your rebuttal is that he was impeached by the House of Representatives. According to the final clause of Article I, Section 2, they have the sole power of impeachment. Not the President, not the Senate, not the voters. Take a look at its make-up. Do you think 218 are actually going to vote to impeach, seeing how there are more than 218 that, based upon party lines which seems to be the prime directive of today, are clinging to her being alive so as not to further “turn” the court? Not to mention, impeachment is used for high crimes and misdemeanors. How is being too ill to fulfill the duties of the office a crime?

It’s certainly a valid mean, but it is futile at this point. Although I fully understand not having the paparazzi outside her house and respecting her privacy, there must be at least some form of protocol for updating on her health, similar to how a supervisor calls when you’re sick to see when you’ll be able to return to work.


I have had my suspicions about Ginsburg since Fox News ran the 1933-2019 graphic on January 21st. It is too coincidental that they would “accidentally” broadcast it. Why would they prepare something in advance that would take less than a couple minutes to create in the event of her passing?


You know the fucked up thing is that kavinoooooofffffffffff was not a constitutionalists to call him so is a bastardization of the constitution. Every signal SCOUT “justice” we have had in the last 100 years easy is/was a fucking traitor to the country and the constitution and should be / have been hung for such, legally and lawfully and peacefully. The SCOUT has over and over again WIPED THEIR ASSES with the constitution. And unless some real shit goes down real soon here im doubtful we will see some real ones get on the bench anytime soon



The New York Times Just Got Caught in a HUGE Lie!

Everyone should contact:

  1. Call the Supreme Court and inquire about Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Contact (202) 479-3000

  2. Call Lindsey Graham, he is the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and inquire about Ruth Bader Ginsberg. (202) 224-5972

We have not seen her for months (no photos). Has she retired? Why are we paying her salary if she is not there?

Proof of life is needed.





I say this kindly and respectfully to you all: she is not working from home. She is not of a sound mind. She is a vegetable that is being used by the evil people who run her, if she is even still alive. With the technology available today, she probably has a double and until someone in authority forces proof otherwise, that double will be used to “keep her alive” and writing arguments, etc., for another ten years. No, I am not crazy. Evil people are using her. If she is still alive, she is a vegetable. Peace to you all.


Anything is possible at this point! :thinking: But either way it’s nefarious!!!